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Dayawanti D'Sa

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Subject: [OurExtendedUNFamily] *HarmonyofHarmonies* Raising Your Spiritual Consciousness - IV
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Subject: *HarmonyofHarmonies* Raising Your Spiritual Consciousness - IV

Raising Your Spiritual Consciousness - IV
Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj


Freedom from Fear

Another aspect of spiritual consciousness is freedom from fear. What is it that
most of us fear the most? Most people fear death. They think of death as the end
of their existence. Little do people realize that death is just a transition
from this physical world to another realm of existence. It is only by raising
our consciousness to a spiritual level that we discover that we exist at the
level of the soul even without the physical body.

Saints and mystics have been telling us through the ages that we are soul, a
part of God. This human body is but a covering over the soul. If we can raise
our consciousness we can discover our true identity.

People who have had near-death experiences attest to this truth. Their body
clinically died, and during the time before they were revived, they experienced
their soul going into a region of Light and being met by a Being of Light. They
speak of the wondrous experiences of light and love in the realm beyond.
Accompanying this joy is the freedom from fear of death. Once we experience
ourselves as soul, separate from our physical body, we no longer have to fear
the end of our physical form. We know that we can exist at the level of the
astral plane in an astral body, at the level of the causal plane covered by a
causal body, and as soul in the purely spiritual realms.

Saints who have attained this state faced their final end free of fear. They
accepted their death with confidence and fearlessness because they had already
traversed to the beyond during their lifetime. St. Paul said, "I die daily."
Kabir Sahib has said, "The death of which others are afraid is a source of joy
for me." He had already seen what lies beyond and no longer feared it. People
who have had near-death experiences know the joy and bliss that awaits them
beyond and live out the rest of their lives with confidence and certainty of the

By attaining spiritual consciousness, we too can become fearless for we know
that a beautiful existence awaits us in the beyond.



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