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Greatness of India -Mahans-Rama Nama --By Sri.Sri.Muralidhara Swamiji - Part-12

Radhe Krishna To All,

Narada gives the little one dhyana Mantra, describes the dhyana swaroopa (form) and directs him to the place of dhyana. During spiritual practice, an aspirant faces internal and external blocks. External blocks come up from relatives and friends.

Narada Maharishi is worried that Uttanapada Maharaja might send some soldiers in search of his son Dhruva as he had left the palace to go to the forest. This would disturb the ‘tapas’ (spiritual austerities) of Dhruva. Therefore, Narada goes directly to the king and seeing his worried face asks him, "Oh! King! You seem to be worried over something. What is it?"

The king informs, "My son Dhruva has left for the forest in anger to do tapas. I am worried over this."

Narada consoles the king with the words, “Do not worry about Dhruva. He has gone to perform tapas. He is quite safe. He will return with lot of fame. So, do not worry.”

Narada stops the external problem that might arise from Dhruva's relatives.

The intensity of Dhruva's tapas shakes the whole earth just as a boat would topple when a foot is placed on it. All the devas run to God and plead, "Please give your Darshan to Dhruva, for, we are unable to bear the intensity of his tapas!" The Lord tells them, "You devas never permit anyone to carry out his tapas successfully. You would send some heavenly damsel like Urvasi, Ramba or Menaka to disturb their tapas.

How is it that you have spared Dhruva?" The Devas explain, "We tried all means but to no avail.

If we had succeeded in disturbing Viswamitra's tapas, it was only due to the reason that the Sage did tapas out of his own effort and intelligence.

But, this little Dhruva is doing tapas with the blessings of Narada Maharishi. Narada Maharishi's 'anugraha' (Blessings) is protecting the child, as would the strong armour. We are, therefore, unable to disturb his tapas!"

Thus, the Guru removes internal and external blocks. The Guru brings the Lord to the presence of his disciple! And feels exhilarated at the 'Bhagavat sakshatkara' of the disciple.

The Guru expects nothing in return! A mother feeds a child. When the child is fully fed the mother feels very happy. She feels that the child is a great help! What help did the child render? Absolutely nothing! It ate the food offered quietly without creating any problem.

In the same manner, when the disciple does his japa, dhyana properly and attains 'Bhagavat sakshatkara', the Guru feels inexplicable joy.

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