Friday, March 20, 2009


destrucion of India in the making

The Americanisation of India is creating havoc in the social and cultural fabric of the country. Slumdog is a recent attempt Hinduism has given refuge throughout the ages to those who were persecuted at home: the Christians of Syria, the Parsees, Armenians, the Jews of Jerusalem, and today the Tibetans, allowing them all to practice their religion freely

WHY did a film like Slumdog Millionaire, which conveys an utterly negative image of India — slums, exploitation, poverty, corruption, anti Muslim pogroms — create so many waves in the West, pre and post Oscars? And why does not the Indian government protest, as the Chinese would indeed have, for a twisted and perverted portrayal of its own reality?
There are several answers: When the missionaries began to evangelise India, they quickly realised that Hinduism was not only practised by a huge majority, but that it was so deeply rooted that it stood as the only barrier to their subjugating the entire subcontinent. They therefore decided to demonise the religion, by multiplying what they perceived as its faults, by one hundred: caste, poverty, child marriage, superstition, widows, sati … Today, these exaggerations, which at best are based on quarter-truths, have come down to us and have been embedded not only in the minds of many Westerners, but also unfortunately, of much of India’s intelligentsia.

We Westerners continue to suffer from a superiority complex over the so called Third World in general and India in particular. Sitting in front of our television sets during prime time news, with a hefty steak on our table, we love to feel sorry for the misery of others, it secretly flatters our ego and makes us proud of our so-called ‘achievements’. That is why books such as The City of Joy by Dominique Lapierre, which gives the impression that India is a vast slum, or a film like Slumdog Millionaire, have such an impact.

In this film, India’s foes have joined hands. Today, billions of dollars that innocent Westerners give to charity are used to convert the poorest of India with the help of enticements such as free medical aid, schooling and loans. If you see the Tamil Nadu coast posttsunami, there is a church every 500 metres. Once converted, these new Christians are taught that it is a sin to enter a temple, do puja, or even put tilak on one’s head, thus creating an imbalance in the Indian psyche (In an interview to a British newspaper, Danny Boyle confessed he wanted to be a Christian missionary when he was young and that he is still very much guided by these ideals — so much for his impartiality) .

Islamic fundamentalism also ruth lessly hounds India, as demonstrated by the 26/11 attacks on Mumbai, which are reminiscent of the brutality and savagery of a Timur, who killed 1,00,000 Hindus in a single act of savagery. Indian communists, in power in three states, are also hard at work to dismantle India’s cultural and spiritual inheritance. And finally, the Americanisation of India is creating havoc in the social and cultural fabric with its superficial glitter, even though it has proved a failure in the West. Slumdog plays cleverly with all these elements.

Many of the West’s India-specialists are staunchly anti-Hindu, both because of their Christian upbringing and also as they perpetuate the tradition of Max Mueller, the first ‘Sankritist’ who said: “The Vedas is full of childish, silly, even monstrous conceptions. It is tedious, low, commonplace, it represents human nature on a low level of selfishness and worldliness and only here and there are a few rare sentiments that come from the depths of the soul�.

This tradition is carried over by Indologists such as Witzel or Wendy Doniger in the US, and in France where scholars of the state-sponsored CNRS, and its affiliates such as EHESS, are always putting across in their books and articles detrimental images of India: caste, poverty, slums — and more than anything — their pet theories about ‘Hindu fundamentalism’. Can there be a more blatant lie? Hinduism has given refuge throughout the ages to those who were persecuted at home: the Christians of Syria, the Parsees, Armenians, the Jews of Jerusalem, and today the Tibetans, allowing them all to practise their religion freely.

And finally, it is true that Indians, because they have been colonised for so long (unlike the Chinese) lack nationalism. Today much of the intellectual elite of India has lost touch with its cultural roots and looks to the West to solve its problems, ignoring its own tools, such as pranayama, hata-yoga or meditation, which are very old and possess infinite wisdom.

Slumdog literally defecates on India from the first frame. Some scenes exist only in the perverted imagery of director Danny Boyle, because they are not in the book of Vikas Swarup, an Indian diplomat, on which the film is based. In the book, the hero of the film (who is not Muslim, but belongs to many religions: Ram Mohammad Thomas) does not spend his childhood in Bombay, but in a Catholic orphanage in Delhi. Jamal’s mother is not killed by “Hindu fanatics’, but she abandons her baby, of unknown religion, in a church. Jamal’s torture is not an idea of the television presenter, but of an American who is after the Russian who bought the television rights of the game. The tearful scene of the three children abandoned in the rain is also not in the book: Jamal and his heroine only meet when they are teenagers and they live in an apartment and not in a slum.

And finally, yes, there still exists in India a lot of poverty and glaring gaps between the very rich and the extremely poor, but there is also immense wealth, both physical, spiritual and cultural — much more than in the West as a matter of fact.

When will the West learn to look with less prejudice at India, a country that will supplant China in this century as the main Asian power? But this will require a new generation of Indologists, more sincere, less attached to their outdated Christian values, and Indians more proud of their own culture and less subservient to the West.


At 8:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We tolerate you Hindus in our nations, we give you jobs, we give you freedom of religion in our nations, we gave aid, and other things to India when your nation was starving long ago, we did not see you as Hindus but AS HUMAN BEINGS.

You learn to show the same things back to Christians as well. It is their choice, not to enter temples or put bindis on their heads, cultures change according to time. Who are you to force them to do that?

Atleast they are faithful to their faith and god they worship, and you do the same to your religion as well , instead of trying to bastardaize everything.

Your entire concept of tolerance is questioned

1. Burning Sikhs alive in new delhi ?
2. Killing dalits over 5000 years of your history ?
3. Killing the 300,000 people of Nagaland over 60 years of occupation?
4. Killing 60,000 kashmiris ?
5. Killing the apostle Thomas by Hindus in Tamil Nadu in AD 72 ?
6. Driving the Buddhists away from India after the revival of HInduism by Shankracharya, threatning them with death, killing the monks by hindu kings?
7. The subjugation of tamils and dravidian tribes by Brahmins ?

You call that tolerance?

8. Child prostitution in temples, where children were kept in temples and raped?

9. The fact that lower caste women of kerala were required to go topless (that is be naked top onwards), in front of upper caste men till 1920s?

is that equality of women?

10. Burning widows alive till the british stopped it?

You speak of tolerance?

We showed you tolerance. The British could have wiped your entire race out if they wanted with the weapons and manpower they had. Muslims could have wiped you out. They saw something good in you, they allowed your religion to live on and continue.

Don't think you are doing Christians a favor by "tolerating them". It is their GOD who is "tolerating" Your arrogance.

Just as man won't go seeing all women as his "wives" and go sleeping them, so does a Christian sees his God as faithful and does not go around "worshiping every tom dick and harry of hinduism".

Faithfulness is something perhaps you can learn. be faithful to your ram, and let Christian be faithful to his Christ.

At 3:44 PM, Anonymous Kiran said...

The anonymous coward above has the audacity to turn truth upside down, typically missionary tactic which is to either invent lies or exaggerate existing lies.

He knows nothing about India, the only country that tolerated every foreign being when they were persecuted everywhere. We not only tolerated but ACCEPTED them. Mere toleration is lip service. Coincidentally just on the news I saw Dalai Lama thanking India for letting him live 50 years of exile in India ( he and his men were persecuted by China )

Christians were in India since centuries and were in good amity with Hindus until the Evangelization virus started creeping in 2000 onwards, after the visit by intolerant Pope. Native Christians ( called Syrian Catholic ) hate conversion business funded by western churches. Does this dimwit know all this?

His list of tolerance questions is laden with lies and lies. Let me drill this a bit.

1. Sikhs were murdered by Sonia's Congress party goons when her MIL PM Indira was assasinated. Who carried out those attacks? Christian ministers called Rajesh Pilot and Sajjan Kumar.

2. Killing dalits? How many blacks are killed in US. I would say same amount, once or twice in a year. Caste ridden conflicts happen once in a while and upper caste/lower caste victims are there. Not just dalit. On the other hand how many were killed by evangelicals? OVER 2 BILLION HUMANS ON 6 CONTINENTS OVER 2000 YEARS. Aztecs, Incas, Mayan, Native American , Australia Aborigine civilizations have been raped, plundered and made extinct! 2000 years of HELL on Earth continues...

3. Nagaland hindus have all been converted, now 90% Nagas are Christian and are demanding a seperate nation called, guess what ? "Nagalim for Christ". yes, they are doing a Timor/Rwanda to India. Convert people and demand secession. National security breach!

4. 30,000 kashmiri Hindus/Buddhists are slaughtered by Islamic terrorists and another 300000 are rendred refugees in their own homeland.

5. Apostle Thomas is fake. Go research! Some say Jesus never existed but that's your faith, I won't argue, just don't pander lies.

6. Buddhists were not driven, they were reconverted to Hinduism by famous acharyas through spiritual dialog and debate ( enquiry ). We never had to kill unlike missionary scums whose mantra is "Convert or Die".

7. No subjugation. This is a topic kept alive by Missionaries in their usual "divide and rule" ploy. This is the creaion of "Africans in India" theory.

8. Child prostitution in temples? When was that? What nonsense? Since child rapists are common in west, should west not abandon Christianity?

9. topless? You call mundu toples? What a load of crap? Visit a strip club and you will know what a topless is.

10. Burning widows? Y, sure British sure kept that propoganda for their 'white man's burden' logic. Looking at Bristish director Slumdog millionaire anyone would think Hindus are killing muslims when reality is opposite. Nice.

Bloody missionary. Get LOST!

I ask readers to visit my blog for Truth. If you see errors feel free to email me.

At 8:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

After decades of foreign rule on India, whatever has left in India is still a kind of achievement in itself. India i feel is move out of the phase of depression, and now gaining confidence on itself, that they are also good enough and they can also achieve the best on their own. This is the phase of transformation where India will slowly show that world that it has got every capacity just as the west. But this will take time and will happen at its own pace. Just be patient. What India needs is the change and constant change in its political systems and social systems. I hope all this will going to come.

At 11:07 PM, Anonymous rishabh said...

That anonymous guy in the beginning..hilarious!!! he just kept on burtlin lies...what an fckin coward!!! newayz peace, love and light to him/her and everybody else...i hope in his next lifetime he is born as an indian and not a white christian...for his own spiritual enlightenment!!!

At 12:27 AM, Blogger nilavu said...

I read The article which is amazing and happy that the truth started coming out in the open to everyone. always truth prevails. The purpose to know the truth is to bring transformation in the human hearts

Thanking you

Mrs anitha and ms. shobitha

At 12:28 AM, Blogger nilavu said...

I read The article which is amazing and happy that the truth started coming out in the open to everyone. always truth prevails. The purpose to know the truth is to bring transformation in the human hearts

Thanking you

Mrs anitha and ms. shobitha

At 4:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

comment by anonymous at 8:14 PM is correct hindus are liers and hypocrate

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