Saturday, February 07, 2009


Time to divide Pakistan?
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The truth is out there
It is important to understand what goes into making this dangerously successful terror machine.

It is clear that the Rawalpindi based Pakistani Army and ISI are closely involved in funding, aiding and sustaining this vast intricately linked infrastructure. Names and characters change constantly and these nebulous organizations are difficult to target. Often they leave no trail or hide behind the fa├žade of a charitable NGO. They do not use huge buildings and campuses that can easily be targeted. They have deep pockets with the backing of Pakistani spy agencies and can draw upon vast numbers of semi-literate madrassa educated masses from all around Punjab. It will be a tremendous task to dismantle this enormous enterprise even if one day Pakistan itself wanted to wipe it out.

Terrorist groups have a free run of the countryside and have infiltrated every major city and institution in Pakistan. Border cities of Afghanistan and India are therefore vulnerable.

Presently material to battle terrorism can reach Afghanistan only via Pakistan and convoys get ambushed en route. Like India, the US lacks secure supply routes to Kabul and Central Asia. Other routes such as going via Iran is out of question. Will an alternate land route to Afghanistan and Central Asia via India and Northern Kashmir rectify the situation?


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