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[gita-talk] Re: About Jeev - What It is? What It comprises? Where It is?

sadhak_insight Wed, Dec 24, 2008 at 3:33 PM
What, exactly is 'Jeev'?
Do Body, Mind and Intellect comprise Jeev?
Is Jeev in a particular place in the body?
Or is it every where, in every cell?
Please, enlighten.
Ramesh Chitnis

Dear Friend
1.'Jeev' is beyond Body,Mind and Intellect.Please refer to verses
42 and 43 of 3rd Chapter of Gita ,which clearly mentions Jeeva is
beyond body ,mind and intellect.One can defeat his worst enemy
desire (kam) by understanding and realising the power of his soul.
Please read verses 36 to 43 of 3rd chapter of Gita.
2.Jeeva is through out the body.It is in every cell of the body.The
soul enters the single cell to give human life and then the single
cell goes on multiplying by division.All memories and experiences
of past lives are coded into the DNA Strands of the cell ,which is
called now Genome Mappimg.
3.Gita will start altering characterstics of DNA Strands on:-
a)Proper and thorough understanding and continuous reading of Gita.
b)Experientially understanding that one is not (beyond) body,mind
and intellect.


Ashok Jain

Dear Sadhakas, Namaste!
Some additional clarification based on what has helped me, I would
add the following:
Jeev is simply a label given to the state of ignorance on the part
of a person which is to think, and act as if person is body-mind
individual. Jeev is not a "thing". When Chaitnya tattva or Sentience
or Consciousness or Atman identifies with the body-mind it shines,
acts of such one are based on "me" and "mine", and that individual
is said to be Jeev or ego,
Again, the Atman is also not a thing, but Absolute Existence-
Consciousness only like a light!

It is important to understand, however, that there is no real
existence of either Jeev or Ego, both are a derived sense of "me" in
the mind based on identification with body. When this sense of "me"
drops away due to realization that "I am/was never an individual
having separate Atma, residing inside a separate body", then
Jeevahood merges with Ishwartattva or Godhood. Jeeve and Shiva are
one and same in the absence of any limitations such as body-mind-
intellect-world objcts etc
Namaskaras............Pratap Bhatt

Dear Sadhakas, Namaste!
More pointers on Jeev.
When the Light of Atman, experientially Pure Consciousness reflects
through the senses-mind-intellect of a person, identification with
body in the form of 'me-thought in the mind' and 'me feeling due to
bodily sensations' happens. This is the birth of Ego or Jeev, a
false sens of individuality and doership thereof. This me-thought-
feeling gets stronger throughout the life of a person and it is
taken as real which is our conditioning/karmas.
That which is real cannot cease to be, and that which is unreal
cannot come into being- Gita 2:16. So Jeev or Ego or personal
doership cannot be real as it does cease, otherwise we cannot be
free from it. Thus "we" are Atman, and since there is no sense
of 'me' individuality there, Atman is Impersonal Being, or Brahman
Spiritual law says that only that which is false but taken as real
binds us, That which is Real cannot bind us.
Even though we say embodied soul or Jeev is in the cells of body, it
is not to be taken literally, it just feels as if Atman is embodied
due to limitations of identification just as sunlight in a room is
not located in the room, or bound by it. Since it is a shadowy sense
in the mind as ignorance of our true identity, it cannot be located
Bottom line is our ignorant behavior makes us Jeeva, and when free
from Jeevhood or ignorance, Shiva or auspiciousness or Sahaj
Sukhraasi shines which IS, never ceases to BE!

Namaskaras.............Pratap Bhatt

Hari Om

A very good question, indeed!

"Jeev" - is the name given to that pure soul which has connected
itself with the inert ( in simple words with the "body") and thereby
has adopted the "world". - BG 7:4/5

In other words, you are called "jeev" so long as you are connected
with the world/nature/inert/body.

"Jeev" resides "technically" in "ego". Your "ego" has two parts. One
pure soul- Ishwar ansh, avinaashi, chetan, amal, sahaj sukhraasi. (
Part of God, imperishable, Sentient, faultless, and naturally
blissful) . Another part of "ego" is "inert"/ nature/
perishable/world/body. Jeev is the "knot" connecting sentient and

You may call "Jeev" to be "grey"- where Sentient part is white and
inert part is black ! Scriptures call that to be "causal body"
or "ignorance zone" or "ego" !

Sanatan Dharma endeavours to disconnect sentient from inert- so that
you may cease to be "jeev" and regain your chetan, amal, sahaj
sukhrasi form which is pure soul- part of God and God only.

The end result of disconnection of sentient and inert, in other
words of cessation of your being "jeev" is called Moksha, or
Nirvana, or Kaivalya, Emancipation, or Liberation, or Mukti etc. In
other words these terms signify "opening of knot connecting sentient
(chetan) and insentient/inert (jad)."

Thus Jeev doesn't comprise of Mind/Intellect/Body. Through Ego it
gets connected with them. It is everywhere in the body.

Form of " Jeev" consists in "me" and "mine". You are "jeev" so long
as you consider body/ mind/intellect to be "me" and/or "mine". You
cease to be "jeev" when you reject your connection with inert by not
considering body/world etc to be "me" or "mine" !

Thus entire "jeevahood" rests on your "connection" by way
of "me"/"mine" with reference to body/mind/intellect etc. This
mind/body/intellect get governed by "ego"- where "jeev" resides.

In Karma Yoga, "the ego is purified" by not considering the
mind/body/intellect etc to be mine and instead by considering them
to be belonging to the world. In Jnana Yoga, the inert part of ego
is not considered to be "me" and hence "ego is eliminated" - being
part of nature and not of you. In Bhakti Yoga, "the ego is changed"
by considering "me" to be part of God and "mine" to be only God-
instead of body to be "me" and "mine" ! In all three cases, the
inert part gets disregarded, connection with inert gets
broken, "knot" gets opened, and "jeev" ceases to exist. What remains
behind is pure soul- being part of God and God only.

Jai Shree Krishna

Vyas N B
Shree hari
Ram Ram

The Jeev (Embodied soul) can never see itself. When Jeev remains
belonging to it's Swami (Master, Father), then there will be no
quest to see/know itself. So be it.

Vineet Sarvottam
Dear sadak,
Do Body, Mind and Intellect comprise Jeev? Body mind Intellect are
tools that guides one to perform his Karma based on his
previous/present puniyas and sins. Example: So many hear Bagavath
Geetha but rare is a person who follows it` s teachings. All who
heard just walk back to their normal life as usual. That rare person
who follows Geetha is the person who done good deeds over several
birth says upashids. All of us know that speaking lies is wrong. But
only very few follow. That few are gided by their Karmas of the
past. One person feels very much about bomb blast. Other just cares
little. So these acts and thoughts are from their mind, inteleect,
which is again operated by one`s own account of Karmas.
Jeeva is totally indipendant.

Is Jeev in a particular place in the body? Near the heart in vaccume
cellular. This was prooved by so many saints.
Or is it every where, in every cell. Jeeva is no way connected to
body anywhere. Jeeva` s arrival and departure from body is
predestined to normal person. Death can be postponed by.certain
spritual practice and servicing by hard work to Bagavan Shiva
Temple. An old lady 80 years was brought to teenage by a saint for
her persistant service at a temple in Kancheepuram. Thousands
wittness including the king iof that town Kancheepuram. This aspect
if moderator and sadaks want, I can furnish full details and proofs
that can be seen to day also. All the cells in brain and body,
senses of perceptions, organs of action is energised by Jeeva which
is part of Bhraman. So any part can be inactive or disease prone by
Jeeva not energising that part sufficiently. Here come pranic
healing and Reki to temporarily heal. The jeeva not energising
partly is due to the Jeeva was wittness to actions of the past and
now it is paid for.
Your questions itself shows your path to divinity
Shree Hari
Ram Ram
Sadhaks please read string of past discussions around similar
subject, summarizing what is already covered and adding anything not
included to date.
Link to past discussions -
Thank you,
From Gita Talk Moderators
Ram Ram

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Ram Ram

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