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[sadhaka] Paths of the Departed Soul (Dec 15, 2008)

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Ram Ram

15th December, 2008, Monday
Paush Krishna Tritiya, Vikram Samvat 2065, Somvar

In Gita 8:25 Bhagwaan describes the path of those who depart to
return back to the world

In Gita 8:24, Lord Krsna has used the expression 'Brahmavido janah'
(people knowing Brahma), in plural number, while in this verse He
has used the term 'Yogi, in singular. It shows, that all men deserve
God-realization and it is easy to attain Him, because He is
naturally attained to all. So, the Lord, has used a plural number.
But it is difficult to attain heaven, etc., because so much effort
has to take place and so many rituals have to be observed, by a
person. Moreover, from heaven he has to return to this mortal world.
So, here a singular number has been used.

An Exceptional Fact

(1) Those, whose aim is to realize God, but their desire for
pleasure is not rooted out, go to the abode of Brahma. Thereafter,
enjoying pleasure, their desire is wiped out and they are liberated
from the bondage of birth and death, as described in the twenty-
fourth verse.

Those, whose aim is to realize God, and have no desire for pleasure
here or hereafter, but at the time of death deviate from meditation
on the attributeless Lord, are directly born, in the family of
enlightened Yogis. There, by striving with greater vigour than
before, for perfection, they attain salvation (Gita 6:42-43).

Those, whose aim is to enjoy heavenly pleasures, ascend heaven, by
virtue of their meritorious deeds, and return to the earth, when
their fruit has been enjoyed (Gita 7:20—23; 8:25; 9:20-21).

Those, whose aim is to realize God, and deviate from Yoga, because
at the time of death they could not root out the desire for worldly
pleasures, they obtain higher worlds, such as heaven etc., enjoy
pleasures there, and then, take birth in the house of pious and
wealthy men. There, by their former practice, they are drawn
towards God and reach the Supreme Goal (Gita 6:41, 44,45). Such
strivers are far superior to those whose aim is to enjoy heavenly
pleasures. (to be conitnued)

From "The Bhagavad Gita - Sadhak Sanjivani" in English pg 1027 by
Swami Ramuskhdasji

Ram Ram

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