Friday, December 26, 2008


Babu Suseelan has once again exposed his ignorance when he speaks about servility in other religions. Although he uses high sounding words borrowed from other English books to display his knowledge (?), but those words have no relevance to the point at issue.. Sanatana dharma which is an eternal moral code has created fears of pollution which gave birth to the dreadful outcaste group called “Utouchable.” Sanatana dharma separated these untouchables from twice-born Hindus and were given the menial work of sweeping, caring for cremation grounds, disposal of carcasses, leatherwork and blacksmith work. Even today thousands of Bhangis continue to remove human excreta, daily carrying it away on their heads. Sanatana dharma’s another creation is ‘unseeable’ similar to untouchable. Brahmins interpreted it as ‘pollution of sight.’ Namboodiri Brahmins avoided even the distant sight of untouchables. So these hapless human creatures created by sanatana dharma were forced to wear warning bells, like cows and dogs, so that at first sight Brahmins might shield their eyes to avoid ‘pollution of sight.’ But Christianization of Hindu society has liberated millions of untouchables and unseeables from the shackles of sanatana dharma.
The laws of karma and samsara have remained axiomatic to Hindu religophilosophic thought from the days of the Vedas. An untouchable will be relieved of his karma only by rebirth. Karma requires expiation which means rebirth. Till rebirth is achieved an untouchable has to do his allotted work sincerely–scavenging, disposal of carcass etc’, Sanatana dharma binds the Hindu to perfect his karma by the assiduous, diligent and careful fulfillment of his duties within and towards the caste to which he has been born. Since sanatana daharma is an eternal code, millions of the forefathers of Ambedkar, Narayanan and Balakrishnan, to cite few examples, would have suffered for centuries performing their karma of cleaning latrines, disposing of carcasses etc., The falsehood and stupidity of sanatana dharma was fully exposed when Ambedkar became Law Minister, Narayanan became the President of India and Balakrishnan became the Chief Justice of India in this birth itself. Even orthodox Brahmins could not occupy these high posts. It is crystal clear now that without sansara (rebirth or reincarnation) an untouchable or unseeable can become President in this birth itself without waiting for rebirth. So the very pedestal of Hindu religiophilosophic thought of sanatana dharma is smashed when an untouchable gains the status of a Brahmin in this birth itself. That is the marvel of Christianization of oppressive Hindu society.. This marvel also exposes the lunacy and idiocy of the eternal moral code (sanatana dharma) of Hinduism.


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