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14th October, 2008, Wednesday
Ashwin Shukla Sharad Purnimaa, Vikram Samvat 2065, Budhvar

Question: From time immemorable the attachment and affection that
we have developed, how can these be wiped off?

Swamiji: Even though darkness has been there from time immemorable,
simply by lighting a lamp, the darkness vanishes. In some cave,
even though it is dark for a million years, but by going there and
lighting a lamp, the darkness will not say to you that it has been
in the cave for so many years, and therefore it will not leave
quickly. When the lamp light illumes, the darkness automatically
disappears. Similarly the mistakes, the erroneous thinking, etc,
will disappear.

The way to get rid of attachment is - there is nothing to take from
any one - this is "Karma Yoga" (Path of Action). We have no
relation with the world at all - this is "Jnana yoga" (Path of
Knowledge) and only God is Mine - this is "Bhakti Yoga" (Path of
Devotion). My relationship is with the world, the world is mine,
and is for me - this is "Janam-Maran Yoga" (Path of Birth and Death)
or "Yoga of Bondage" ! Time and again to be born and later to die !
Now in whatever path you see a gain, you pursue and attain it. Your
relationship with Paramatama is innate and natural, and the
relationship with the world is one that you have only accepted.
However much of a bonding you develop with the world, it will not
last. That which does not last, leave it from the beginning.

"Bhali sauchhi sajjan janaa, divee jagatko pooth
Peechey dekhi bigadatee, pehele baithaa rooth."

That which will get ruined later on, leave it from the beginning.
If one leaves their family with a true heart and becomes an ascetic,
then if everyone in the family dies at the same time or the family
size increases ten folds, it will not make any difference. However
if even one person dies in the family and he begins to cry, then
that ascetic has only taken a white cloth and spoilt it with dirt !
Just like an ascetic dies in the eyes of his family, in the same way
you too die from all, then salvation (Freedom) will be attained. On
dying itself, you will become immortal. The moment you die from the
world, you become immortal. While living itself, die ! It has come
in the writing of Saints - "Arey mana jeevatdo hi mar re." From
today itself Die ! All work will become alright ! If you die from
the family members, then their misery will also go away. Neither
the third lunar, nor the twelfth day will need to be enforced, nor
any other festivities, nor any expenses, all miseries will end !
The people in your household will also be delighted and you too will
be thrilled !

Bhagwaan, the scriptures and saints their grace is upon you from
eternity, now it is on you to have mercy by accepting this grace,
then you will be totally gratified. If you do not imbibe in the
grace, then His grace which is flowing, will simply remain there and
be of no use. That which you have held on to, leave it, then you
will be freed. But now instead, you leave the family members, and
grab hold of Guru, and say he is my Guruji, this is my Guru brother,
this is my uncle Guru, this is my nephew disciple. You left one,
and grabbed hold of another, then there will be no liberation, just
as is, you will remain entangled and trapped. I had met a sadhu
(ascetic). He said that his Guru gave him the knowledge, that he
should leave his family, then I left the Guruji, as well. Now there
remains, no Guru, no disciple, no uncle guru, no nephew disciple.
First from a householder, he became a sadhu (ascetic), and later
from the sadhu also he become a sadhu (true renunciate).

Do not consider the family as yours, and do not desire anything from
them - only have such a relationship with your family. Whatever
you have in terms of money, abilities, time, dedicate it to their
service. By this all family members will be happy, and you will be
liberated. Regarding previous relations, serve them and leave them,
and at the same time do not establish and engage in new relations,
then you will be remain ever free. What else will remain besides

From "Saadhan, Sudhaa, Sindhu" in Hindi pg 703 by Swami
Ram Ram

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