Saturday, October 04, 2008

christian missionaries apologize for their wrong deeds

Christianazis apologise to Jharkhand Adivasis

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Missionaries apologise to Jharkhand Adivasis

Ranchi : Following strict warnings from leaders of Sarna Dharm , Church leaders and Bible Soceity of India rendered their apologies for hurting the sentiments of Sarna Dharm followers

The Adivasis of Jharkhand will not pardon the Christians for their 13 year crusade through "Nemha Bible" to demolish the "Sarna Dharm" said the central committee officials of Kendriya Sarna Samithi.

The Samiti president, Ajay Tirkey, secretary Budhu Bhagat and some others at a press conference in Jhakhra Kumba near Veer Shivaji Chowk on Tuesday evening said the Bible in the name of "Nemha Bible"published by the Bible Society of India,Bangalore,intentionally carried insulting messages against the Sarna believers.

The Bible written in the Kudukh language, on page 230 , contained abusive language that could disturb the peace of Jharkhand, added the Sarna leaders. They said they were hurt and the government despite their month long request, had done little to assuage their sentiments. They would launch a violent protest if the Bible Society or the Christian leaders did not apologise to the Sarnas.

Following this warning,The adamant Christian Missionaries who held a deaf ear to all peaceful requests from Sarna leaders were quick yesterday to render apology once again proved that there is no room for `PEACE' while communicating with them and they are ready only to respond in the only language they know -The language of VIOLENCE

Church leaders and the Bible Society of India announced that they had initiated steps to remove the word "sarna" from all translated copies of the Bible.

In a statement issued today, the church leaders and the Bible Society of India again tendered a public apology for the "objectionable passages" in the Kurukh version of the Bible.

It added that the word "Sarna", is removed from all the translated versions of the Bible with immediate effect.

This is the second time within a span of seven days that a public apology was issued jointly by the Bible Society of India and church leaders belonging to the Roman Catholic and Protestant churches in Ranchi.
Translated bible rocks Jharkhand assembly
Tuesday, September 23, 2008 15:46 IST

RANCHI: Controversial lines in a translated version of the Bible in Jharkhand rocked the state assembly on Tuesday, leading to an assurance by the government that the book would be recalled.

Chandresh Oraon, a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) legislator, moved the motion to stop work in the assembly on Tuesday and demanded a debate on the lines in the translated Bible that call for destroying tribals' places of worship.

The book in Kuduk language, one of the main tribal languages in Jharkhand, has been brought out by the Bible Society of India (BSI).

The translated version reportedly says: "Destroy the trees and Sarna (tribals' worship places)."

"BSI has done a criminal act by publishing such derogatory remarks in the translated Bible.

This is a conspiracy against the tribal society.

"We seek a probe and action against the society for publishing the book which hurt the sentiments of the tribal," said Oraon.

The BJP tribal legislators came in the well of the house and shouted slogans like "Stop hurting tribal sentiments".

Inder Singh Namdhari, former assembly speaker and independent legislator, said: "No one has the right to hurt the sentiment of any religion. Government should take suitable action on the issue."

Deputy Chief Minister Stephen Marandi said: "We admit the fault. Wrong translation of Bible has been done by BSI.

"The state government will recall the translated version of the book and take suitable action against the publisher," he added.

Marandi, however, did not clarify what action would be taken against the publishers.

The BJP legislators were not satisfied with the reply and they shouted slogans. They demanded action against the publisher.

The Congress legislators alleged that the BJP was politicising the issue.

A deep resentment is prevailing among the tribal scholars on the issue.

Tribal scholars demanded suitable action against the publishers. "The Christian missionaries have no right to hurt the sentiment of the tribal people. The issue could take a volatile shape if such things take place," said Karma Oraon, a tribal scholar.

On Monday, 11 tribals were arrested in Ranchi for trying to burn the copies of the Bible.

Less than a year back, another book published by the society had insulted a local freedom fighter. The issue was also raised in the state assembly.


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