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Bharat and Secularism

Bharat Never Worked Successfully As A Secular Nation As It Was Never Secular Functionally. Constitution Fails To Explain Secularism. Politicians Being Lame Duck. Citizens Never Cared. Bharatwasis Enjoyed A Fun Being Secular. Minorities Always Were Protected. Unprotected Now Would Protect Themselves. Whose First Right????

1 Well, in the first place, we do not believe that the Hindus are working on terrorism. There are possibilities that since the terrorism progression has been taken too lightly by the GOI, the Hindus could start this bloody act to give a befitting reply to the bloody terrorists. The steel cuts the steel. It is expected that the upset Hindus probably now onwards start doing counter replies to the terrorists by resorting to such actions. The general public, particularly the Hindus have gotten no faith in the soft policy of the GOI towards the terrorists. The GOI must be taught a lesson or be given a warning. In case, the GOI does not take firm steps to curb the problem of the rapidly growing terrorism in Bharat, the public on its own shall take the protective steps & the Hindu terrorism shall be one of those steps. Hindus have after a long gap of many decades understood that they have to work united to remove the GOI UPA stupid regime to make the nation a strong one. All know that this government t is an exclusively pro Muslims with the support of super pro Muslims communists as well as stupid Amar types politicians.

2 The people of the nation have to analyse to understand whether or not, the secular term applies to the nation. The news has come that sadhvi is the mastermind behind the Malo Gaon blast. The consideration could be right giving the commencement of the Hindus terrorism in the name of saving the community from getting into the Islamic hands. The past history is clear on the issue that these Muslims part of Bharat are not original but exclusively Hindus who had been converted by the Mughal regime for many centuries. I am neither supporting Hindu terrorism nor Muslim terrorism. There is no sense in any terrorism. Terrorism means full destruction of the human kind. We all are human & have a basic right of existence peacefully provided we are safe. No other existing entity destructs us.

3 The peace does not mean allow others to attack you. The Bharat Hindus have been attacked many times in the past & they shall not be termed as Human beings should they continue to absorb unjust attacks. Tolerance & patience do not mean that you have to follow what Gandhi said. Gandhi might be right or might not be. To kill a person is an exclusive god’s will & the terrorists are not god & no Jihad allows to kill others. The Jihad never understands this sense while Jihadi mind does not work to an understanding function as his mind is permanently closed. When the mind does not work, the person cannot work on his own & does work like a donkey.

4 In the first place to commence with the terrorism actions, the donkeys do this job while the directors are the mules. The directors could be rather expert politicians who intend to use such donkeys for their own games & they have done that evidently. The beautiful Bharat of the past has been broken into pieces by these ruling bastards for their own ambitions while the innocent citizens have to suffer in any name. In Bharat, the politicians played with the hearts & the innocence of the people of Bharat in the name of religions as well as in the name of secularism.

5 Bharat has suffered a lot immensely by the actions of so called secular politicians. The Bharat does not care whether or not, it is a secular society. The secular society does not allow poverty removal or the progress of the society. The secular does not care for the national progress & the strengthening of the nation. The secular is an imaginary term with no meaning at all. The secular term has been used as a free weapon to create & allow the terrorism. The human must have all human rights but the existence & abuse of the secular term has denied the human various rights. The Hindu being divided & leniency has allowed the existence of the Jihadi terrorism. The existence of the missionaries as well as the Islamic Jihad are logically credited due to the division among the Hindu society. Hindu society has allowed the existence of Christianity as well as Islam rapid spread in Bharat.

6 It is absolute true that the Hindus are themselves responsible for the secularism based tragic terrorism in Bharat today. The bloody politicians have done nothing to keep the nation secular but the term secularism has helped to keep the nation non secular. It is unfortunate that for the sake of the vote bank politics, the government does not care for the failed secularism & the factual rise of the terrorism. More than many decades have elapsed while the GOI did not even have time to think to eliminate the terrorism but rather have helped the terrorist to flourish all over the Bharat nation & now shaking hands with the Pakistan for the joint mechanism. The bloody Joint mechanism???? No one can teach these theoretical imaginary politicians for what they intend to do just for the political gains. The Pakistan who was never our friend & I challenge, can never be our friend, does not qualify to work with us like a partner on the Joint mechanism. Our leaders can never learn despite holding rubbish experience & highest western university degrees. The failure of the economy is an evident example indicating the lack of knowledge on the part of the politicians.

7 This lack of knowledge is also depicted during their failure to resolve the terrorism issue. The resolution is that announce 500,000 rupees for the killed & 50,000 for the injured by the terrorism so that the public do not demand action on the terrorists. It is in fact very good policy that at least proclaims that the GOI is too good for the decision of the life valuation amount. It clearly indicates that the GOI has virtually bought the citizens life. They think that any citizen of Bharat who walks on the roads cannot earn more than 500,000 during the life time. After paying this much sum, there should be no complaint from the terrorism. Well done the dear GOI.

8 A population of one billion people has been attacked by a thousands terrorists & the leaders are just statement makers. The citizen votes only for the statements!!!!! Nobody can believe this much level of tolerance around the world. Yes, Muslims have to answer for the acts of the terrorists. The Hindus have a right to security. The public is not secured while the leaders are well guarded. Who shall secure the citizen? No PM, No Advani, No Amar & No other bloody fool leader like Lalu or CPM or else?

9 The citizen of Bharat attacked by the foreign directed Jihadis have to certainly protect themselves. There is only one way out that all citizens must have small training to at least earning a stamina to throw out the fear from being attacked by the terrorists. Talks shall not help. The action alone would help. The failure of the GOI would not help. The Bharat may be a big nation or Kashmir may be an integrated part but this does not provide the security to the nation & its owners. Then, what the affected innocent citizen should do? Either the innocent has to be loyal to the terrorists to be ready to be killed any time of the day or the night or the citizen has to prepare on the similar patterns as the terrorists have been. The existence or non existence of the secular fabric of the nation does not give any consideration to a person who is going to be killed by the terrorists. The person has to loosen the right to natural living & to the natural death. One has to die at the hands of the terrorist.

10 The nature says that tolerance of injustice is also a crime. In this case, the innocent citizen gets by operation of natural justice a right to kill the expected terrorists for the self protection. The dreaded terrorists from Jihad have a plan to eliminate Hindus from Bharat so that they can rule on Bharat in an Islamic system. By operation of natural actions the Hindu gets an absolute right to kill the terrorists. Then, the Hindus must prepare to learn & apply professionally, the science of terrorism on to those who started the terrorism. This terrorism was started when the Bharat was taken over by the Islam Mughals centuries back & the cumulative growth has been going on in the name of secular politics. Bharat has to remain Bharat & not as Islamic Bharat. The Islamic Bharat is out of our imagination. The affected persons of Bharat have every right to protect themselves by applying exercise of counter terrorism by resorting to kill the Muslim terrorists.

11 Those who advocate the human rights of the terrorists & those who propel them are condemned whoever those activists are. It was a bad news that a Hindu Sadhvi was involved on the actions of the terrorism but this could be the beginning of the long pending action. The Jihadis must be taught strongest lesson that for Hindus also, the Dharma says that non believers of the Dharma are Kaffirs. The Hindus shall call them Rakshas in place of Kaffirs. These senseless devils have to be sent to their right destination that is the hell. All those political devils must also be taught good lessons who factually do their profession from the secular platform that is virtually communal.

I am asking the people of the nation that must force the GOI now or in future to eliminate the terrorism from the land by resorting to all actions or otherwise, the nation may have to welcome to see more terror from, the religious fundamentals.

Jain Bharat Vandematram

P Eng Suraj Singh

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subject : BHARAT WAS NEVER SECULAR.... SURAJ SINGHJI, NAMASKAR AND JAI HIND. Please note that Hindu religion teaches mainly tolerance, patience and forgiveness. Ever since invaders like the Moslems came to India, they had a free hand and many of the Hindu kings collaborated with them to defeat their local enemies. Now the Islamis are so well-entrenched in India, whatever is left of it, that there is little chance that things are going to change in the near future. Even Mr. Advani, if he comes in power, will remain soft to Moslems. That's what Advani also stands for like Vajpayee. I can only look to God if he wants Islam to take over India fully or wants to change it at some stage! To imagine that Hindus in general will become terrorists like the Islamis, is out of the question. Moreover, Islam professes terrorism, murder of the kafirs, i.e. non-believers. So how you are going to contend against such a religion which has only succeeded in spreading all over the world through its terrorism and force. SHER AGRAWAL


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