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Bhavna Shinde to Sanatan
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There is a ban being proposed on Sanatan Sanstha by some politically driven groups in Bhaarat (India). We appeal to you for help in overthrowing this unjust proposal, by spreading this awareness drive and by writing to the relevant authorities here: At this link you can read about the (flimsy) background of the proposed ban.

To learn more about Sanatan Sanstha, please read on…

Who we are
Sanatan Sanstha is a Charitable Trust based in India. For the last 17 years, Sanatan Sanstha is engaged in spreading the Science of Spirituality for the benefit of mankind. The primary objective of the Sanstha is to acquaint the curious about Spirituality in a scientific manner and guide them to undertake spiritual practice according to their respective religious precepts, to make progress towards God-realization. In the process, Sanatan Sanstha aims to create awareness about the role each one of us has in bringing about communal harmony and building a healthy society to usher in a “Raam-raajya” like just, divine era wherein society flourishes spiritually and materially.

A word about our Growth
From a handful of seekers (that is, volunteers practicing Spirituality for God-realization) and centers in Maharashtra at the time of inception in 1990, by Guru's Grace, Sanatan Sanstha now has over a thousand full-time seekers, staying in 6 Ashrams located in various parts of Bhaarat (India) and thousands more linked to over 2000 centers in Bhaarat and overseas.

Life at Sanatan’s Ashrams and centers
Sanatan Sanstha’s ashrams and centers are centers for learning Spirituality and Dharma, and examples of how to lead a spiritual life at an individual level and in society, even in the current era of conflict and stress.

On the background of the recent allegations about Sanatan Sanstha, a report from Hindustan Times on the simple life at Sanatan’s ashram in Panvel, near Mumbai:

A glimpse into our activities
Sanatan Sanstha’s ashrams and centers are a source of inspiration and spiritual guidance, as people from surrounding areas feel the support of Sanatan Sanstha’s seekers in any event, be it eradicating malpractices from public celebrations of Hindu festivals, or providing basic necessities during floods, or helping the local police with crowd control at Hindu Holy places during major festivals.

Sanatan Sanstha’s ongoing scientific research in Spirituality continues to benefit humanity to overcome problems with a spiritual root cause, and has inspired many a spiritual organization in Bhaarat and abroad, like, to liaise with Sanatan Sanstha.

Sanatan Sanstha also has a group of newspapers, run entirely by seekers, often bearing financial losses, solely to provide spiritual guidance to society and preserve Dharma (Righteousness) in the context of current events, for the development of a spiritual, Dharma-based nation, to lead all-round progress of humanity at large.

Read more here about Sanatan Sanstha’s free medical camps, training in Disaster Management, Moral Value classes for Children, lectures on Stress Management and Satsangs on Spirituality and over 2.5 million copies published of 100 Spiritual Texts in 12 languages:

An appeal
Such a selfless organization is being made a victim of vote-bank politics, with a ban proposed! We will appreciate your support and participation in our activities, and look forward to your participating in and spreading this awareness drive.

“Sanghe shakti kalauyuge!” ("In this current era of strife, strenght lies in unity!")

Bhavna Shinde


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