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Subject: Manifesto for saving Hindu India
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September 07, 2008

Political power has eluded Hindus for centuries

*Manifesto for saving Hindu **India***

By Dr Gautam Sen

The bogus secularism adopted by the political and intellectual elites
essentially amounted to pandering to sectarian Islam and has ended with a
total surrender to minority sectarianism, accompanied by vicious
State-sponsored assaults on Hindus. The imperative and *painstaking task of
nation building was sacrificed to Deoband and Wahabi sentiment that sullenly
asserted its rejection of **India in favour of the Ummah.*

India has not been Hindu in any meaningful sense since the Muslim conquests
more than a thousand years ago. A few Hindu and Sikh kingdoms did exist
through the medieval and early modern period, but they had long vanished by
the time Indians were ready for independence in 1947. Under Muslim rule
religious and personal freedom for Hindus were precarious, with abduction
and slavery a constant threat even under the reputedly moderate Akbar.
The British
who seized India primarily preferred pillage and commercial exploitation to
religious conversion because the latter was not imperative for the former.

The freedom for Hindus, largely to be left alone to practice their social
and religious customs, improved somewhat under British tutelage though they
inflicted monstrous sufferings through their unbridled greed and racial
contempt for Indians. The extent of Britain's genocidal impact on India,
marked by massive depopulation, has not been full comprehended by many.

*Independence led to the imposition of a fraudulent secularism inspired by
the Congress, anxious to demonstrate it represented all the religious
communities of India, an obsession only accentuated by the bitter communal
harvest of partition.* *The bogus secularism adopted by the political and
intellectual elites essentially amounted to pandering to sectarian Islam and
has ended with a total surrender to minority sectarianism, accompanied by
vicious State-sponsored assaults on Hindus. The imperative and painstaking
task of nation building was sacrificed to Deoband and Wahabi sentiment that
sullenly asserted its rejection of **India** in favour of the Ummah.** *As a
result, the basis for mobilising India foundered on the determination that
nothing of the Hindu past that might offend Muslim sensibility should be
allowed validation. *Islamic rule of **India** itself was presented as a
golden age and the period that preceded it one of backward caste oppression.
India's catastrophic experience of Muslim conquest, though not British, was
celebrated as the triumph of a new egalitarian order that freed downtrodden
Hindus from the grievous insult to humanity of the philosophical counsel of
the Vedas.*

The shameful contortions to invent this paradisaic fantasy necessitated
systematic erasing of the grim history of conquest and unfailing enslavement
that Hindus experienced for centuries. *Only a morally bankrupt and
malevolent political and intellectual class could rise to the challenge of
denying the poignant cries of despair of countless generations of their own
ancestors.* *The British left behind exactly such a neuter political cabal,
headed by the opinionated Jawaharlal Nehru and a whole generation of
treasonous communists that regard Indian nationalism as the greatest
constraint to their pipe dreams of dictatorial primacy over India. These
seditious elites are wreaking havoc on **India** in collusion with
Anglo-American cold warriors (as they did supporting Yahya Khan's genocide
in 1971).* Until very recently America regarded Islam as a staunch ally
against the Soviet Union and the prospect of a modernising Islam a threat to
its cynical economic interests. And the *havoc in **India** has all been
funded by the Indian taxpayer, reeling from assault in city after city by
mass murderers, with the terrorists enlisting the complicity of **Indian** *
*State** itself to prosecute their Jihad against Hinduism.*

*Nothing short of a root-and-branch guillotine of the nonsense peddled by **
India**'s Islamic and Christian evangelical educational institutions like
JNU, **Aligarh** and St. Stephens and a media corrupted by these selfsame
imperialists as well as the Chinese, will suffice to reverse the precipitous
decline of **India**. The dramatic policy options required are not for the
faint-hearted and there is virtually no organised body in **India** capable
of even contemplating them, leave alone formulating specific policies and
programme to redress it.* The RSS alone remains standing in this battlefield
of the dead and dying that India has become. *It must act decisively and
purposively before it is too late and **India** fragments into fractious
political entities as the Anglo-American co-conspirators and Islamo-Arab
terrorists have long tried to accomplish. The British and their numerous
spies in **India**, masquerading as journalists and their Hindu-baiting
fellow travellers must be ruthlessly curbed. American church organisations
in India, which are nothing but fronts of their national intelligence
services, engaged in subversion must be summarily expelled en masse and all
Arab funding for their Jihadi projects unceremoniously curtailed. Closing
Jihadi training camps in Kerala will be costly because remittance income
from the **Middle East** will dwindle and the payoffs to local political
parties, which are effectively subcontractors of Saudi and Pakistani
interests, will also be jeopardised.*

A cursory wider appraisal suggests in outline a number of *areas of urgent
action that a serious patriotic government must embark upon. *A radical new
educational programme is necessary to infuse a sense of patriotism in
Indians. An important dimension of the academic curriculum should be based
firmly on the heroic struggles of Hindu and Sikh kingdoms to defend their
way of life and sovereignty and reflection on the manifold ideas and
practices of indigenous traditions. Every student must emerge knowledgeable
about the divinity of Lord Ram, the Buddha, Guru Nanak and Ramakrishna, the
transcendent significance of the Adi Shankara and the achievements of the
many saints that succeeded him. Educational access must also be guaranteed
and funded schools compelled to deliver a service under pain of criminal
sanction since allocated budgets are stolen by criminal gangs in many parts
of the country. Much greater freedom ought to be allowed to higher education
institutions offering technical and scientific training, with a proviso that
a fifth or more students from disadvantaged groups like Dalits and Muslim
women must be educated free. A period of light regulation of short-term
training, though with harsh penalties for criminal misconduct and a tax
moratorium, would be useful in addressing the absurd paradox of a mismatch
between supply and demand for skilled personnel in India. Preservation of
the environment must also be an automatic mandatory requirement of all
economic activity to preserve rivers, forests and animal life. Taxes on key
vegetarian foods should be removed as an expression of a deep longing of the
highest principles of the Hindu way of life.

On a macro level, the economy must be freed drastically to accelerate
economic growth though foreign shareholdings in privatised state enterprises
should be limited. A huge effort, on a war footing, should begin to
accelerate infrastructure development, with the State restricting itself to
a regulatory role that guarantees competition where feasible or ownership by
consumers of the service purchased if it is not. Allied to augmentation of
infrastructure provision is the need for sustained effort to conserve energy
by, for example, adopting best practice in the construction industry and
using alternative technologies on a scale that lowers costs. Visionary
endeavours are imperative in sectors like urban transport to end the
insanity of promoting private car ownership as the legitimate aspiration for
anyone who can afford it. Similarly, effective primary health care remains
the crying need of the masses of India though infrastructure provision in
services like access to water and the availability of sanitation alone are
likely to make a remarkable contribution in improving their lives. In
general, the principle is for government to do less, do it well and
facilitate private efforts, both personal and civil voluntary. The more
functions the State usurps the greater the harm to the long-term social and
moral health of society. The destruction of family life is the calamity
haunting the West since the State has undermined family interdependence by
arrogantly interposing itself within it and supplanting the need for mutual

Finally, the main problems of India's defence and foreign policies are
political and a culture that has implanted itself within them as a
consequence of its malign influence. On foreign policy, assertiveness should
combine with reticent wisdom, which means firmness when necessary and
detachment when issues have no significant bearing on Indian interests.
Those who wage war on India and its people should be given no quarter, which
means that India should seek to isolate Pakistan and begin by breaking all
ties, diplomatic, economic and political. This is the policy that countries
adopt in wartime and Pakistan is undoubtedly waging war on India. Bangladesh
should be made to realise that having unusual clout over the communist
government of West Bengal and the Bengali intelligentsia will not insulate
it from harsh measures for giving sanctuary to terrorists in their
territory. Such a posture will have a salutary impact on most other
neighbours, who will take note that undermining Indian interests is costly.
China can only be disciplined by an unfailing tit-for-tat policy that means
each hostile action by it should prompt a proportionate retaliatory
response, backed by nuclear deterrence to contain escalation. The idea that
reasonableness and the imperatives of justice will prevail is plainly stupid
since it merely signals weakness and incites contempt and even greater
hostility from adversaries.

Political power has eluded Hindus for time immemorial. Without
self-conscious political power Hindus will not be able to address issues
that arise within their own traditions directly, to conceive reform and
achieve progress. This is the urgent task for Hindus if they are to survive
as an authentic and autonomous culture. The alternative is continuing
territorial rupture in successive waves and the transformation of Hindus
themselves into the kind of frenzied mobs visible today on the streets of
Srinagar, under the sway of a preposterous clergy and self-serving rulers,
the hallmark of Islam throughout most of its history. *If Christianity were
to triumph, as it has done elsewhere, whether in medieval pagan Europe or,
more recently, the Philippines, both converted by the sword or modern Korea,
the victim of assiduous subterfuge, the memory of Krishna, Durga and all
sacred Hindu symbols will be banished from our lives. At best they will
survive as quaint memories in textbooks. In the name of all that is
worthwhile Hindus must regain their sense of reason and wisdom since every
vote for the contemporary UPA or similar political dispensations is a vote
in favour of mass murder since terrorism is being almost openly incited by *
*India**'s incumbent rulers.*

(Taught at the London School of Economics & Political Science for more than
two decades. He is the co-author of Analyzing the Global Political Economy,
Princeton University Press, 2008.)

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