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Nuclear Deal & NSG Waiver- What Does BJP State? Is It Right? Should We Deliberate?-Futher Deliberati Post Your
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Nuclear Deal & NSG Waiver- What Does BJP State? Is It Right? Should We Deliberate?-Futher Deliberations By The People Of Bharat-What Should Be Considered Whether Right Or Wrong? Shall It Be Cost Effective Energy?
The BJP on Saturday reserved that it would offer its structured response respecting NSG waiver for India after it reviewed the fine print of the document after it is being made public.
BJP’s immediate response is that Bharat has walked into NPT trap
Party leader Mr. Yashwant Sinha was not at all optimistic of any gain India might have made with the India-U.S. nuclear deal.
The three points that were of utmost importance were:
1 right to exercise the option to test,
2 availability of enrichment and reprocessing technology and dual-use technology,
3 an uninterrupted and guaranteed fuel supply for the life-time of the reactors India might buy.
Hyde Act
Asked whether the BJP would be satisfied if these three concerns were met by the waiver, Mr. Sinha said he believed that was not possible. The Hyde Act ensured that India would not get these benefits.
Mr. Sinha said: “The United States will ensure that no other country, be it Russia or France, engage in nuclear commerce with India on terms different from those spelt out in the Hyde Act.”
“Punitive steps”
In the event of India going for another nuclear test the steps that the United States and other countries would take would be “punitive in the extreme.”
He believed that with this deal, India’s nuclear technology would be “frozen at its current level forever.”
There was always a continuous need for upgrading technology and “we cannot say that after 1998 Pokhran we have all the technology we need and will never need to test again.”
The BJP leader described Saturday, the day India won a waiver at the meeting of the NSG in Vienna, as a “day of historic shame for India.” The legacy of Indira Gandhi’s Pokhran I and Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s Pokhran II had been destroyed, Mr. Sinha said.
National interest
He said “national interest had been surrendered by the Manmohan Singh government.”
Finally, on the benefit of getting nuclear energy for civilian use, Mr. Sinha wondered what the cost of each unit of nuclear power would be. He warned that the benefits of nuclear energy in terms of additional electricity would not become apparent for a decade or more and the cost would be very high.

Deliberations Leads:

1 Shall we the public members accept what BJP stated?

2 To a definite extent, I think the trap into NPT should be investigated.

3 It is also to be scrutinized whether or not, Bharat shall be allowed to develop Thorium technology in near or distant future?

4 It is also too significant to discuss whether or not, Bharat has reserved its right to carry out any further nuclear test?

5 Shall Bharat be at liberty to allowed transfer of the developed technology in the future scenario?

6 It is also too significance to study the impact of Hyde Act on to the agreement 123 as provision 123 is within the Hyde Act. By virtue of statutory implication, 123 is a child of Hyde Act.

7 Shall Bharat really get the electric supply at the cheaper supply rates than that are being charged now or it shall be expensive?

8 Do Bharat have other better alternative than the Nuclear based energy? Can we not develop water resources based energy or coal based energy? What account Bharat has considered for the disposal of the Nuclear waste as the waste is too dangerous for the community health evidently? Is the nuclear fuel an exclusive economical proposition?

Provided the foregoing deliberation leads are answered positive, the grant of waiver by NSG shall be welcome by the Bharat public otherwise, the slavery under the NSG has to be accepted by the nation Bharat.

Jai Bharat

P Eng Suraj Singh


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