Friday, August 08, 2008


Spirituality teaches you to be in an ever prayerful and grateful mood and be receptive to the ways of Existence. It teaches you to enjoy every moment from your inner core, instead of being swayed by your outer periphery and the emotions associated with it. It teaches you to celebrate life every moment instead of looking for reasons to celebrate.

Spirituality is actually Life Engineering. In colleges, they teach you different type of engineering. They are all merely certificates you get in return for selling your brains. Life Engineering is what needs to be taught to each one of us too. Spirituality teaches you to live like a PARAMAHANSA or a Realized One, in the material world, neck deep in water, yet untouched by it, just like a lotus flower.

It teaches you to live an intense and fulfilling life without violating any person or property. It teaches you to disconnect yourself from your intellect and see with wide-eyes innocense, the wonders of Existence, without any illusions like comparison, jealousy, lust, etc. It teaches you how to move synchronously with Existence and experience the power of coincidence, wherein you find that things happen automatically in response to your inner joy.

It kindles your inner intelligence and accelerates your performance in the outer world. It awakens your awareness and takes you to deeper Consciousness. It takes you from lust to love, from worrying to wondering, from false to truth, from pain to bliss, from jealousy to celebration.

And one more thing: People think that they need to allot a separate time for spirituality; not at all. You will know from what I have just said that this is not required. The people who claim that you need to allot separate time, are not spiritual people; they are religious people.

Religion needs time because of rites and rituals. Spirituality has nothing to do with quanity or time. It is to do with the quality of your life. If you have the sincerity to seek the Truth, it is enough. You can then devote all your time to doing everything as an earnest meditation and you will attain your goal. You will automatically shine at work, at home, interpersonal relationships, without energy blockages like jealousy and comparison.

You will adapt yourself to any kind of surroundings easily. You will feel at home at any place and with any type of people. Home will not be just the place you live in but the whole of Existence. You will break free from mental and physical conditions and rise to merge and become one with Existence.

The problem is, people are contented with just following rituals. There is a certain security they enjoy in doing this. The science behind the rituals is no more known to people but the rituals are ego-fulfilling to them. Rituals are complex and we always find it a challenge to keep pace with complex things.

Paramhansa Swami Nithyananda (a self-realized soul, a young 30 yr old Swami)


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