Thursday, July 10, 2008


[sadhaka] God Realization Simply By Desiring (July 10, 2008)
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sadhak_insight to sadhaka
show details 4:23 AM (1 hour ago) Reply

:Shree Hari:

10th July, 2008, Thursday
Aashaad Shukla Saptamii, Vikram Samvat 2065, Guruvar

God realization is very easy. There cannot be any thing else that
is easier than that. But there must be desire for only God, i.e.
there should not be any other desire along with that. The reason is
that the God is second to none. Just as God is exclusive, similarly
desire for Him also should be exclusive.

Three things are essential to get worldly things - desire, efforts
and destiny. First you should have a desire to get / acquire a
worldly thing, second, you should make an effort (do karma) to get
the same. And thirdly, even after making an effort and doing karma,
you will get that thing, only if you are destined to get it. If you
are not destined to get the thing then even after desiring and
making efforts you will not get the same. Therefore many times we
make an effort to gain a profit, but end up incurring losses! But
God is realized merely by desiring. There is no need of any effort
or destiny. In path of God realization there is never a loss, there
is profit and profit only.

Except God, merely by desiring we do not get any other thing. Reason
is that the human body has been given to us only for God
realization. God has given this human body to us, with the aim and
objective of realizing Him. Secondly, God is everywhere. There is no
space even the size of a needle point that is without God being
there. Therefore in His realization, there is no role of effort and

By doing Karma (efforts, deeds) we get only perishable things.
Imperishable God cannot be realized by doing (karmas). He is
realized solely by intense desire.

From "Maanav Matra ke Kalyaan ke Liye" in Hindi, page 74-75 by Swami
Ramsukhdasji Maharaj

Ram Ram

For full online discourses in Hindi, please visit Swami
Ramsukhdasji's website.
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