Wednesday, June 11, 2008


[sadhaka] Make the Remaining Time You Have, Your Ally (June 11, 2008)
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Sadhak to Spiritual
show details 5:50 AM (31 minutes ago) Reply

:Shree Hari:

11th June, 2008, Wednesday
Jyeshtha Shukla Ashthami, Vikram Samvat 2065, Budhvar

Very little time is remaining. Most of this life has passed away. Every moment, time is slipping by. It is absolutely going away, and it simply wont stop ! The work for which we had come, that work should be completed quickly. One must contemplate on this point. It will be extremely foolish if we did not accomplish the work for which we had come. If today we are to face death, we will be unable to say No ! We will be unable to say my work is not complete ! Lot more is remaining to be done ! Under these circumstances, we must become concerned about the upliftment of our Soul. We must sincerely repent for the time that has been viled away. True repentence is only when we commit that hence forth, our time will not be wasted.

Man's senses, mind, intellect alone are his friends, and they alone are his enemies. If a man gain's victory over his mind, senses, then they are like his friend, and if a man is unable to gain victory over the mind and senses, then they are like his enemies. The mind, senses should be brought under his control. If after receiving this human body, if a man is unable to even control his mind, intellect and senses, then what will he be able to do for his wife, son, friends etc. Let alone exherting control over anything else in this world, as that is another task. Knowing all this, what has he done after coming into this life ? That sorrow, that unhappiness that was experienced twenty years ago, if the same is still happening, then what has been gained ? We have all come here to experience the end of sorrow and unhappiness. Let alone the end of sorrow, it is simply far fetched. We are still suffering the way we were suffering years ago. Our aim of coming into
this world was to attain eternal joy and eternal peace ! That never materialized, then what have we done after coming here ? What will we gain from the maintenance of this body ? Only a few pounds, a few kilos of meat will be gained. It will only result in a little more ashes or a little more food for the animals and insects underground, what else can happen ?

God has given us the power of discrimination, the intellect, with which we must think. Just like by drinking alcohol, man becomes like a crazy person, carried away, similarly under the intoxicating influence of maya and it's illusory powers, man is simply wandering around in this world, and he cannot even comprehend the world as apart from him self. Importantly, his own upliftment is also not understood. It is such a pitiful state. It is such a shameful state, such a state of grief. But the time that has passed away, it is gone forever. It can never come back. Now the time that is remaining, we should make it our ally, whereby later on we do regret or repent. Tulsidasji has said -

"So parat dukh pavayi sir dhuni dhinu pachitaayi
kaalahi karmahi Ishavahi mithyaa dosh lagaayi." (Uttarkand. 43)

He who does not attain salvation will later on have deep regrets. He will falsely blame and wrongly accuse - time, his activities and work and God. What will he gain by doing so ? By simply blaming nothing will be attained. Therefore as long as there is lifeforce in this body, as long as we have some rights over this body, as long as there is consciousness, as long as there is no major illness that has sieged you from all sides, as long as old age has not sieged you, you must complete your work. In the past, innumerable births have gone by. There isn't any place that we have not already been, there is not a type of womb that we have not visited. We have roamed every nook and corner of every type of birth and place. Now God has given us this opportunity. On having received this opportunity, we must purify and definitely uplift our self. What ever may happen, we much remain firm in our minds and must complete our work. God's grace is immense. He has been very
compassionate towards those who have received this human birth. God's compassion is towards all beings, but towards human beings he is exceptionally compassionate. And due to His compassion, He has given us an amazing opportunity of this human birth. (to be continued)

From "Rahasyamay Pravachan" pg 124 by Swami Ramsukhdasji

Ram Ram

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