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Date: Wed, Jun 11, 2008 at 1:58 PM
Subject: Divinity of Mankind Post graduate Hinduism at Roehampton University
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Divinity of Mankind
Post graduate Hinduism at Roehampton University

This morning the undersigned did a two and a half hour session on esoteric Hinduism at Roehampton University for about 20 post-graduate students. The session was a dialogue between Hindu and Abrahamic world-views. Professor Mike Castelli the senior lecturer at Roehampton offered a Catholic perspective on the sacred text of Hinduism called the Kathopnishad. Though the dialogue was warm and good humoured at the various stages it pointed out the key differences between these two world-views.
In Hinduism the resolution of the Human condition has to happen here rather than in the here-after, hence need for reincarnation. In the Abrahamic religions the resolution is in the here-after. This concept is enshrined in the philosophic term ~ eschatology which means things will be resolved automatically after one dies. The Indic religions seek the resolution here rather than in heaven or hell.
Fixation on the body in the Abrahamic religions (hence the body is preserved after death and is expected to be resurrected) while the Indic religions recognise the body as an outer garment that is discarded at death (hence cremation after death). Descartes said, 'I think therefore I am'. The Hindus say that is precisely what you are not. You are neither the body nor the mindset that you relate to. You are something quite different, you are the spirit ~ Atman. Experiencing yourself as the spirit is the only way to break free and resolve this limited human condition.
The concept of Atman in Hinduism that promotes divinity of man. This can be called Spiritual Humanism. This is in sharp contrast with Materialistic Humanism that comes from Dawkins and promotes the idea that we are material beings conjuring up ideas of the spirit to improve our material status. In contrast spiritual Humanism asserts that we are essentially spiritual beings manifesting ourselves by winding up matter in a complex manner and percolating through the body and mind. This is the conclusion of esoteric Hinduism ~ we are the chip of the Old Block ~ God.

Jay Lakhani
Director for Education
Hindu Council UK

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