Thursday, May 22, 2008

ultimately upa government has shown its true colours

Ultimately home minister Mr. Shiv Raj Patil has expressed UPA’s heart by telling that Afzal & Sarabj Post Your
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Ultimately home minister Mr. Shiv Raj Patil has expressed UPA’s heart by telling that Afzal & Sarabjit Singh are similar cases. The statement that the two cases require consideration on the similar formats is a dangerous attitude as spoken by the minister. In case, the inclemency of incorrectly convicted Sarabjit is demanded, the inclemency of Afzal too shall be required to be granted by the Government.

The people know the internal mental development of UPA since beginning. Actually, the UPA & allied intend to release Afzal by swapping Sarabjeet as was offered by the Pakistan government in the past when Afzal was demanded by Pakistan in exchange of Sarabjeet. The best decision for the Bharat government is to decide the pending inclemency petition so that the Bharat people know about the mindset of the government.

The UPA intend to get credit of both the prisoners as Hindus shall favour for the release of Sarabjeet & Muslims for release of Afzal at least. The UPA should not delay the pending petition. They should speak explicitly to let the people know about their internal expressions. The people cannot be held now just for waiting for a final decision. The mountains or the sky shall not fall if Afzal is granted the petition but definitely a message would go the world public that the UPA is having a definite soft corner for the terrorists. The government should understand that the majority of the Bharat public has now realized that the Congress & UPA are too soft while dealing with the terrorists as well as illegal Bangla Desh citizens residing in Bharat with duly issued voter cards & ration cards for the sake of crores of votes. Therefore, the government should take a quick decision.

Even if the decision is not taken, the environment has already been created announcing that UPA & Congress are pro Muslims & against Hindus by virtue of their practical characters. Congress & UPA cannot digest the Hindus but others for the survival purpose.

Eng Suraj Singh PE


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