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Living in Maharashtra is like living in the rule of the Mughals with parties like NCP, Congress, SP and Raj Thackerey's MNS all falling at the feet of the Muslims.
Muslims break idol of Shri Ram on Ramnavmi!
April 15, 2008

Raver (Dist: Jalgaon): A mob of fanatic Muslims resorted in heavy stone throwing on the Ramnavmi procession taken out by Hindu devotees. In the riot that followed, the idol of Shri Ram was broken to pieces here. The atmosphere became tense and at least 9 policemen were injured in an attempt to rein in the violence. Though no police complaint has been registered so far, a 12-hour night curfew has been clamped and additional police force deployed to bring the situation under control. (The impotent Congress with a penchant for Muslim appeasement is responsible for the growing audacity of the fanatic Muslims who dare to throw stones during every Hindu festival ! How long are the Hindus going to tolerate the Muslims arrogance? How many Hindus are prepared to give a fitting reply to the descendants of the idol-breaker Muslim aggressors? – Editor)

When the Ramnavmi procession arrived near a mosque, the Muslims started pelting stones under the pretext that red powder (gulal) was thrown in the air. (That on every Hindu process stones are pelted from mosques makes it clear that the Muslims keep a stock of weapons in the mosque and attack processions with pre-planning. – Editor). When the procession arrived in Shivaji chowk, there was again a heavy stone pelting that led to a riot. In the melee that followed, the idol of Shri Ram was broken. The Muslims torched four vehicles on the road. The Hindus opposed them and retaliated with a mild stone throwing. The police got wind of the riot and more police force was deployed at various places in the town. No action was taken on any one by the police. (One wonders whether the police force belongs to Bharat or Pakistan with no offence having been registered till now in spite of the stone throwing and breakage of the idol of Shri Ram! Hindus should not remain under the wrong impression that the police will protect them and will give them justice! They should get set for a Dharm Revolution! – Editor).


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