Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Below is my letter to India Abroad to show evidence that MF Hussain is not a typical innocent artist when it comes to painting the Hindu subjects.

Please see following website to see that he has directed his artistic talents to denigrate only the Hindu religion and is getting enjoyment out of it.

Evidence of his sick mind is evident as follows:
a. He paints nude pictures to show his hate against that subject.
b. In addition to Hitler, the only other nude paintings he has made are on Hindu Subjects.
c. He has painted Hindu figures in unnatural poses,
d. He paints Hindu figures in Vulgar and obscene obscene manner.
e. Typical artist paints an abstract nude figure in natural pose. However, is specifically depicting Hindu subjects in vulgar and obscene poses and puts the names to identify the figure as Hindu deity.

Let one not use the word nude painting for his vulgar and obscene art on Hindu subjects.
It is vulgar and obscene art.

People must more focus on Shri MF Hussain as a sick person who is unprovokedly hateful only against the Hindu Dharma.

Sub: MF Hussain is not Innocent
From: Dahyabhai Patel
Date:Tue, 15 Apr 2008 8:42 am

Hussain is not Innocent

Isufali Kundawala, in his letter in India Abroad of April 18, 2008 takes a cheap shot at the expressions of grievances of Hindus against M F Hussain and, instead of being sympathetic to Hindu victims, he concludes that it is an expression of hatred against all Muslims. I believe that, in reality, Hindus including the people he is accusing of spreading hatred against Muslims, will agree with him that Hussian is a world class artist.

Many years ago, Christian Coalition in USA had started a large scale campaign against all Museums of Arts for displaying paintings of nude human figures. Since this was the special case about an abstract subject matters and in natural poses, I shared Shri Kundawala’s statement that it is personal interpretation of the individual.

Hussain is removing this abstractness by putting specific names like Sita, Hanuman, Durga etc. on his painted figures in vulgar and unnatural poses. This proves his real intent and therefore, I disagree with Shri Kundawala’s clean certificate that the Hussain paintings were not made with any malicious intent. Ten years ago he made a painting with four people that included Mahatma Gandhi and Hitler. Only Hitler is painted in nude and Hussain had that time indicated that he painted nude because he hated Hitler. I request Shri Kundawala to count the other nude figures painted by Hussain.

The real shame is that people like Shri Kundawala pose as spokesman for any and all Muslims, close their eyes at cruelty and then blame the victims. It is like a defense lawyer, blaming an innocent rape victim for her miseries.

....Dahyabhai Patel, New Jersey
Stop bullying Husain
I read with great interest about the protest demonstrations against M F Husain, one of India's greatest contemporary painters. It is a shame that people like Narain Kataria always blame all Indian Muslims. He wants the intentions of all Muslims questioned.
I do not think that the paintings were done with any malicious intent and it is the personal interpretation of each individual as to how he or she interprets the message. Kataria and Sahani owe apologies for evoking unnecessary hatred against all Muslims.
Isufali Kundawala, Richardson, Texas
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