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Vijay Ashar ,
date Sat, Apr 12, 2008 at 10:25 PM
subject Black -Mailing of our Girls through Cell/Mobile Phone Photography & Improper dresses, exposing themselves

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Respected All,

Allow me to draw your kind attention to Two very serious matters concerning our Girls, female children, daughters , Sisters & other female relatives :

1. Without realizing the severe menace of Cell- /Mobile phone PHOTOGRAPHY , our girls fall into the clutches of rascal boy-friends who may initially show Love & everything to our girls, but by the use of their Mobile Phones or Cell Phone photography , sometimes in Compromising situations , they Black-Mail our Female Children , specially to Hindu Girls who fall prey to the Muslim & Christian Boys' Collegues' fake Love ,but defacto they misuse our girls in various illegal activities , often Raping them, sexually abusing them or smuggling activities etc.

( For your information, almost entire Times of India offices Banks & various other MNC's & other organizations have majority Muslim & Christian Young Boys as their Employees who pretend Love towards their Hindu Collegue Girls & take their Compromising Photos thru their Cell / Mobile phones & then they Blackmail them .

( Lately a girl from Chembur who works in T.O.I. office at Khar, Mumbai, had called me over phone, kept crying over phone , narrated her story to me & when I had visited T.O.I. office, I was shocked that almost all the male employees there were Catholic Christians, while the girls were all Hindus; then I advised the girl suitably how to get out of this menace & resign her present lucerative job & shift her residence & job etc elsewhere, remaining incognito for some time till she gets married to a suitable Hindu Boy of her/ her parents Choice ( She has been living all alone as she hailed from Himachal Pradesh ).

( Again , I was shocked at Cuffe Parade / Nariman point , just last evening , when two seemingly Hindu girls were willingly getting themselves photographed in Compromising positions by DEFINITELY Muslim Boys who were in the outfit of as Pakistani Tall & hefty Strong Pakistani Muslims who were almost playing with them / forcing them how they should be in more Compromising situations before every one without any shame .It shocked me a lot , hence this mail to You )

2. Another reason for our girls including married women ,being molested /raped and /or physically assaulted ,is their Unbecoming Dresses which they wear in the name of " Modern /Latest Fashion" exposing most of their upper assets .

In London, I have read with my own eyes , the British Media frequently advise their women to dress properly & they should Not EXPOSE or Over -EXPOSE themselves ,if they want to save themselves from Sexual Assaults / Rapes etc.

I wonder,if we could do some similar thing through our Media & by some Mass- Awakening recourses through our various Arya Samajs & various Hindu Platforms , advising our girls / women NOT to be Carried away by Latest Ugly Fashion Designings , but to remain DRESSED in reasonable Indian or Western Out-fits , covering their assets / upper portion properly.

In Muslim Families all over the world, their girls are asked to wear proper clothes , then why can we NOT do so to save our Own Girls ?

We have to inculcate these feelings from Childhood for Girl children & we also have to CAUTION their mothers to above forthcoming Dangers which may happen or Come to any Girl / women UNKNOWINGLY & Suddenly , then we shall remain Helpless Victims of our wards. The sooner, we wake up, better it would be for our girl children. we should take a Vow : NEVER TO DRESS OUR GIRL CHILD IN EXPOSING DRESSES EVEN IN THE NAME OF FASHION.

ALLOW ME TO CAUTION TO ANOTHER DANGER : In No case , even if accompanied by her brothers, Husbands , friends, individually or collectively , to visit any crowded place / functions ,like New Year's Eve , Musical Nights etc as then there are 100% of chances of getting the girls Molested as 100% happens during any famous Publicised Musical Nights / Awards Shows any where, small or Big Towns & on New Year's eve / day .; latest being Hotel Marriot , Juhu , Mumbai when twoWomen came out of the Show they were severely molested on the Crowded road & their Husband & Brothers failed to save their women from the Crowd of goons outside the hotel who all the time look for such opportunities .Police remained helpless Mute Spectators to such Ugly designs of the Crowd . Such things happen everywhere before or after such celebrations , whether it is Calcutta/Mumbai, Kanpur /Agra / Chandigarh/Ludhiana/ Delhi/ Gauhati / Bangalore etc : in short everywhere & any where.

Please see what could effectively be done to prevent such happenings to our Girls.

We must be able to convince our women Not to force to go to such Celebrations/ Functions by giving them our own company to remain in-doors with them or enjoy those celebrations with our trusted close friends at any common place , away from such rowdy crowds possibilities.

Best Regards,
Sincerely yours,
S C Gupta.


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