Saturday, February 02, 2008



By Kurukshetra


Islam, the product of the DESERT, is like sandpaper. It rubs and rubs on the others around it, continuously wearing them down and down. It regards democracy, women's rights and decency as great threats. It is uncompromisingly rough and tough, and may go under only to come up again. It wears down the others' self-esteem, self-confidence and nerves. Within its own frontiers in an Islamic land it continuously intimidates, reduces and exterminates the non Moslems and then turns upon itself as in Iran, Libya, Algeria and AFGHANISTAN where Moslems are profusely shedding the blood of fellow Moslems since they cannot find a non Moslem to slaughter. In Mohammedan countries there is murder and mayhem. Life is insecure. Continuous indoctrination by KORAN makes them all either predators or birds of prey. Not content to live happily within own frontiers, Islam then EXPORTS its revolution. It does so by cowing down the smaller countries which wish to avoid riots, disturbances, explosions and murders in order to get on with life. Its march is relentless. Every ruse, trick, cunning, deception and act of violence is justified in order to continue Jihad. The word Jihad changes its meaning according to environment. In strong Christian countries it mean's a Moslems OWN personal endeavour to make him or her a better Moslem and to constantly increase numbers through persuasion and inconspicuous conversion, especially of girls seduced to be brides. In the West Islam has successfully targeted the schools and colleges and prison populations. It boasts of being the fastest growing religion. Could the Christians or Jews match this performance in any Moslem country? Koran turns ordinary young men, who ought to be working for a better living and raising families, into murderous assassins and wherever an opportunity arises, into savage rapists of girls and women. Recent instances in Moslem Indonesia speak volumes of the Islamic propensity to rape women and girls. Shaikh Bin Laden with his billions of dollars could not buy his following factories to work in, farms to till, and schools to increase computer literacy. Instead, he raised armies of Mujahideen for the death and destruction of the innocent in far off lands. For him and his following, the whole world is a battlefield. To attack the United States, a world super power, is as daring a STRATEGY as it well conceived. None else would even dare touch the whiskers of the American lion. So by attacking and humiliating the US he shows how easy it would be to bring the rest of the world to their knees once America is humbled and brought to her knees! Islam perceives itself as a BULL and expects the rest of the world, including the Untied States, Israel and India, to be CONCEDING cows. It cannot tolerate defiance or any other way of life on this planet.

If looked OBJECTIVELY, Mohammed's Koran is just like Hitler's MEIN KAMPF?

both proclaiming supremacy of their following over the rest of the world. The Koran has escaped the fate of Mein Kampf for one reason alone: Moslems put their book under Religion while the Nazis put theirs under Ideology. Hence today one is ashamed to be a Nazi while proud to be a Moslem. Free world must take the lid off Koran otherwise the sandpaper will continuously wear down our bones till only the flesh is left that will slump down on earth like a jelly fish. Islam will always strive towards that goal by constantly rubbing at the resolve and nerve of its perceived enemies. While it comes naturally to any Bin Laden to appeal to ALL the Moslems, we have never heard any leader or even a Clergyman in the West declare, "I appeal to ALL the Christians!" That shows the extent of frustration and desperation in the world of Islam against democracy and civilization. Unlike the last atom bombs that were dropped on two Buddhist cities in Japan, the next nuclear bombs will explode over Christian and Jewish cities. What has been built over centuries will turn into ash and dust within minutes. It is a scenario that the world's most powerful nation must keep in mind and PREVENT from happening at all costs. Now let us examine what will happen eventually to the citizens of the United States if she does not hit back HARDER. The Americans will become cowards like the INDIANS.

The USA and India stand in total contrast to each other while responding to external aggression and internal terrorism. India was invaded by the savage ARABS under the flag of Mohammed Bin Qasim in 712 AD. Their inhuman bestiality and savagery in dealing with the vanquished, including gouging out of eyes, chopping off of hands and feet of prisoners, degradation and dishonoring of Hindu girls and women, and desecration and destruction of temples sent such deep shock waves into the Hindu psyche that no one dared to retaliate. Accepting that first defeat meant that India was to be repeatedly invaded, plundered and raped thereafter by the Turks, the Persians and the Afghans who finally established their Mogul Empire over the thoroughly emaciated and impoverished Hindu kingdoms and principalities. Failing to retaliate fiercely against the Arab invaders in the very FIRST instance, as early as 712 AD, was the UNDOING OF THE HINDUS AND THEIR INDIA.

This is a lesson for all those who are pitched against a perennial enemy like the Mohammedans. Despite two centuries of British rule which put Musalman along side a Hindu as equals for the first time in seven centuries, the latter could not recover their wits or guts. The Islamic attack on the integrity of India in 1947 was the easiest WALK OVER the Moslems have ever seen in their entire history. Genetically reduced, terrified, confused and squabbling HINDU Members of Parliament in New Delhi have yet to question the Mohammedan occupation of Lahore, Peshawar and Dhaka where Union Jack flew as it did over Delhi, Bombay and Calcutta until 1947. India, constantly rubbed and worn down by Islamic sand paper, and repeatedly defeated, has finally learnt to buy peace by cowing down before Moslem fundamentalists every time. She has towed the PLO line on foreign policy, honoured and feted Yasser Arafat in New Delhi on several occasions, refrained from openly cooperating with Israel, stayed away from collaborating with Western democracies under the pretext of neutrality and non alignment while remaining fully partisan and aligned UNDER the Islamic Bloc, kept her economy in feudal gridlock like Afghanistan and Libya, enacted separate Sharia' Law that operates alongside the secular law of India, banned "The Satanic Verses" by Salman Rushdie and "Koran and the Kafir" by A. Ghosh, and subsidized Hajj travel by thousands of Moslems to Mecca at State expense. None in India dare look at the constitutional status of a Moslem in HINDU India that was left weakened, reduced and BLEEDING after PARTITION.

Due to the unchallenged Islamic onslaughts century after century, the ancient India of great glory and civilization is now reduced to the pathetic state of being the CONCUBINE in bed under any Imam, Khan and Bin Laden. Last December Moslem militants slaughtered over two dozen unarmed Hindus in a village in Kashmir. There was NO retaliation by terrified India. This emboldened Moslem militants to carry out another massacre of even more ferocity. More Hindus, including women and infants, were killed in two villages in Kashmir last April. Again there was NO retaliation by terrified India. She only prayed upon her knees like a little girl about to be gang raped, "Could you leave me alone, please?" On August 14 last, the militants struck again penetrating deep into the Hindu majority state of Himachal Pradesh and killed 37 Hindus after tying them up to trees. India, that is being gang-raped by Moslem terrorists, is unable to respond or retaliate. This is what will be the state of Christians and Jews on earth in years to come if they do not UNITE now to face the common danger and go out to arrest Shaikh Bin Laden and bring him to trial in Kenya or the United States.


One strong Hindu can change the thought-current of the whole world...
Hindus should have fearlessness,the first prerequisite of a spiritual life.

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