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Indonesia Has One Ayodhya, Temples Of Tridevas, Ram & Bali, Various Temples, Saryu Nadi, Sameru Parw Post Your
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Indonesia Has One Ayodhya, Temples Of Tridevas, Ram & Bali, Various Temples, Saryu Nadi, Sameru Parwat, Various Other Structures Regarding Ramayana, But No Ravan There, No Lanka - By Professional Engineer Suraj Singh
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Objective: Zee News worked on Ramayana's history in Indonesia, an Islamic nation. Bali city exibits there resembling king Bali to whom Ram killed. Indonesians know Ramayana through Bali & not through Balmiki. Existence of Maharishi Markande.

1 Bali people in Indonesia believe in Shiva, Vishnu & Brahma in their own way of understanding. The statues are available. The statue of Ram is also available. Thousands years old statues these are.

2 The proclaimed biggest temple in the world but not accessible for public. Certain celebration days, only Indonesians are allowed.

3 Bali Ramayana does not give full information about the real Ramayana. The people there give full regard to Ram but not as Bhagwan. They regard him as a perfect person. Purush Uttam.

4 The children are taught about the Ram's conduct throughout the classes & in all homes. They expect the children to know about Ram as well as Mahabharata.
The people of Bharat have to agree that the people of Indonesia & particularly Balians believe in Ram & Mahabharata while we the great people & politicians in Bharat made insults to our great historical cultures. The people of Indonesia may not be fully informed but they have a great belief in them about the historical existence respecting Ram,Ramayana & Mahabharata. Shall the Bharat people learn a lesson from the facts of a foreign nation that too an Islamic one?
Jai Bharat Vande Matram

1 Indonesia is not too far but far from the Bharat's shores where the culture of the living memory of Bharat is evidently declaring the existence of itself. The people of Bharat argue unnecessarily for the recognition of their own soul & the blood while the people whom Ram might have related as tourist or as temporary elite resident in his times, do extend a warm greeting for thousand of years. These people might not have agreed in the status of Ram as a divine god but well receive his images & statues as living legend of the thousands years old cultural record & preserve that to the maximum extent possible. They feel pride in doing that.

2 Not enough research & innovation has been carried out through the Bali Ramayana but still they have no redundant question to raise & speak or even think about the question of existence of Ram. These people worship Shiva, Vishnu & Brahma in a similar capacity as we do while they additionally consider them very auspicious as the protectors as we do. It is thought that Bharat people are either too much educated or to much illiterate as is evident by our conduct. We do neither have trust in ourselves as well as our past but also do not find ourselves fully submerged into what we believe in. Our people have by the paint coating of English culture have lost the true surface of our rich culture in depth texture for ever. Dear all, forgive me for thinking that I have criticized the people but the certai9n classes of people do deserve criticism.

3 There are hundreds of thousand of monkeys around the temple city of Bali & these servants do a proper cleansing of the statue of Bali as well other statues. These monkeys do their self assigned jobs of protecting the statues & showing good regard to the so considered gods. These monkeys pose both styles naughty as well as too gentle creatures as was displayed by the programme. The monkeys maintain themselves by bathing in the raw swimming pool naturally formed duly diving down from the diving board & them coming out of the pool. They eat banana & the same food as in Bharat, their counterparts do. It is really astonishing. I think these monkeys prove that they are better in recognizing Ram than us. Our people & the politicians do speak against Ram but do not prove the non existence of Ram while gladly receive the most junior religious prophets with high pride that indicates their being stupid.

4 The Balians do not come out of their houses the day when they have set a day of departure of Ram from Bali to Ayodhya. They condole the day as the loss of a great protector & preserver for them. They have nominated the name of certain river as Saryu as well as the name of certain mountain as Sameru just to dignify the glory of their protector for ever. They also nominated an area as Ayodhya. It is obvious from the existence of the historical imprints & the recognition by the people of that country that there was a kingdom of Ram in Indonesia in certain historical times & Bali might also had a capacity to rule that area under the guidance of Ram that though has not been fully answered yet. It is not good to claim this statement by a hypothetical thinking that directs towards that type of history in those days. Ram ruled in Ayodhya while many members of his clan were extended to take over the ruling of various other nations on the other parts of the world. For example, Kandhar is part in Mahabharat. There are many other parts in the world depicted to be under Bharat's rule. Though there is no documentation in this respect but the facts could be worked out.

5 In Sultan's palace in Bali, there is statue of Ram. Who could believe but it is a fact? Ram was regarded as a historical person & not a god. There should be no dispute on this statement as we also call Ram as maryada purush uttam. Ram had delegated the reigns to his sons & grandsons for many areas. The names of various facets of Ramayana could be adopted by various authorities in Indonesia in those days for the nominations of famous places as well as structures. Some responsible persons also constructed temples too large in size for the memory of Ram. We should not dispute on such considerations but intend to learn lessons from those who have very little to do with Ramayana but the history on Ramayana is taught to those children while in Bharat it is called saffronisation. What a pity? Shall our Congress esquire elevated status leaders & other leaders of Left try to learn anything from this fact of Indonesia? Shall Karuna have any Karuna towards this issue?

6 Shall Congress & its leaders show to the nation that they are true Bharat citizens by extending some heart full regards to the existence of Ram & Ramayana & start respecting the Dharma as a fact of life of Bharat Bhumi Bharat Mata & stop criticising the people who talk of Hindus? We have to think why do we criticize our own culture & give great regard to a polluted culture imported from other parts of the world? We have to reinstate the lost values of the integrated coherent society that we inherited from past centuries but have polluted that by the incompetent chemistry of various cultures to what we have called secularism. There is no secularism without the parent secularism. Christianity plus Islam cannot make a secular nation by putting Vedic culture in minus. No equation as such can be formulated. The billion plus people of Bharat have to retrograde to the historical facts & have to amend their mistakes by inserting the real culture & our Congress claimers have to go back to the books & agree by hearts that they give due regard to Bharat culture. In case these leaders are not capable to do so, they shall not have any right to be called Bharat wasis & Bharat netas.

7 It is sorry to say that Bharat people have lost excessive time condemning Vedas or shying away from the recognition of it by the follow of a false secularism the term created by a dictator PM in 1976 who just did it for her pleasure & to denounce a major community whist to please a certain class of vote banks & the current leaders have been talking the same language but unfortunately, they are unable to explain & justify their so adopted conduct to the masses who believe in Bharat culture. The issue is very serious as the future of the Bharat culture & its existence depends on it if not exclusively, in participation with other issues of the nation. I have seen many nationalities around my career & find all people with pride calling themselves as Muslims or Christians or others but we the citizen of Bharat are afraid & do shy away to call ourselves as Vedic followers or Hindus while the political leaders are very much allergic to be even called as Hindus & talk about Hindus as communal while the others are preserved in the name of minority community as seculars. The people of the world do not understand the concept of secularism. We unusually beat about the bushes by proclaiming as the only nation in the world as a secular society but the fact is that we are not a secular society, whist we are a society that is leading towards the formation of a Christian Muslim society within a period of 25 years. Remember that those who do not respect themselves, other too do not respect them.

8 The youth is the future of Bharat & youth everywhere is the future of that society. We have a large pool of youth who never care for the culture but are swayed away towards Christianity or to a negligible extent towards Islam. These youths were never educated of their culture but now they have been learning from various TV serials. They have been to some extent in addition to being partly informed, have been confused by knowing Ramayana & Mahabharata. They need do certain additional analysis on the culture to adequately understand the Bharat culture that is their cohesive part of the soil from which they were born. I should say that after watching various serials, I too got a lot of information about our culture prior to that I was extremely blank & had high regard exclusively about the Islam & the Christianity due to the lack of information. Our pundits as well as rishis never tried to reach the information to us by any means & no one tried to explain the facts about the history. The exclusive history that we learnt in school was only a few centuries old & no farther. That is the reason of disregarding our own culture. For example, these days, Vastu has been in common reception but should we go the facts of the past, we shall find that this despite being a pure science based on North & South directional orientation of the magnetic field, was introduced as a religious documents by the processors of those times as the people were not well versed in sciences but had a belief in religions sanctity. Just to accord a recognition of this subject, the writers made it as a religious documents but should you go through the realistic approach of understanding it, there is nothing as a blind faith but flow of the magnetic field & the sunrays & the sun route effect on the blood circulation as well as on the soil. The Gurutva Akarshan also plays an important role while the religious matter goes on the back seat. We credit Newton on the centre of gravity but the Sanskrit world gurutva itself tells the formula of falling objects & their attraction by a centre within the earth lithosphere.

10 Therefore, we the people of Bharat have to come out of the darkness created by the lack of information. We should try to integrate all the cultural science with the advanced physical sciences that too are the result of the cultural sciences revealed out of Vedas. Our culture says that our instinct is within the soul & the par bhram is within us. Then what about the physical sciences? The physical science is just a way to understand the system that the nature has formulated. There is nothing on its basics in the physical science. Even the scientists around the world have started accepting the existence of soul in the human body but they do not openly accept the facts. The day, the scientists community accept the soul & integrate it with the physical sciences, the scientists shall be perfect.

Bharat First-Everything Else Later
Jai Bharat

By Professional Engineer Suraj Singh