Sunday, February 10, 2008



Not only the archbishop himself but most people in this country are surprised at the fierce reaction by the British media and public towards his comments regarding Sharia Law.

People have heaved a sigh of relief: “Thank God, ours is not a country where the MASSES will behave like the ASSES and follow anyone BLINDLY to their eventual doom.”

We drew this wisdom directly from the fate of UNITED INDIA. Today she is lying decapitated, and in three parts, on earth. It was all due to our implicit faith in Mahatma Gandhi, our own version of Dr Rowan Williams.

We had sent Mr Gandhi to stand up to Muslim MINORITY and to challenge them at the Independence talks with the Viceroy. In the event he was himself “eaten up” by the Muslim MINORITY who threatened civil war and “rivers of blood” if their demand for SEPARATION from mainstream (secular) Law was not conceded. Our Mahatma (Mr. Gandhi) then conceded their demand upon his knees.

His followers have still not recovered from that devastating blow to their “Akhand Bharat” (United Secular India). They never will.

The USA recovered quickly after the destruction of twin WTC towers in New York. Centuries ago Spain and Greece managed to recover from the YOKE of the same “minority” while North Cyprus never recovered. Nor did North Kashmir. In fact all the holy men in India now fear for their own lives, having seen the extermination of fellow “mahatmas” and holy men in West Punjab, East Bengal and North Kashmir.

From the very beginning of Islam, the Muslims have attacked majorities everywhere. Obviously, they do not need to act against minorities, e.g., Christians in Pakistan and the Hindus in Bangladesh, who are virtually their slaves.

Dr Williams ought to have heard of the OTHER minorities, too, who have seen the “Sword of Islam” and who had considered the ideological, spiritual and political armour of England impenetrable.

With fear in hearts they now saw the archbishop kissing the nose of the wolf.

Dr Williams has exposed the chink in the Christian armour. His conviction in his own Faith is perilously deficient. As Head of Church of England he is neither resolute nor inspiring. He is seen willing to concede and compromise.

Thank God, the vigilant British public and media have responded in a brave and befitting manner in order to assure the OTHER minorities domiciled here that England will remain safe for them.

The earlier generation fought off the NAZIS abroad. World War 2 did not end with compromise, accommodation or concession. Now the present generation, too, is trying to fight off a very similar ideological onslaught at home. The Archbishop ought to have been their hope and inspiration.

Dr. Williams, instead of exposing the new danger in our midst has tried to conceal it. He is not fit for the job of being the Head of Church of England. He had to be aware of the First Law of Ideology: “Peace and prosperity in a country depend upon its MAJORITY community dominating their TERRITORY (physical, spiritual and ideological) in a virile and manly manner.”

In this country Dr Williams was supposed to see his own Church of England as the “MAJORITY” community. He was supposed to care for the morale and state of conviction of his own followers instead of BEING SEEN entering the “golden mouse trap” of a particular MINORITY community in whose ranks the punishment for “desertion” (leaving Islam) is DEATH.



9 Feb 08.


One strong Hindu can change the thought-current of the whole world...
Hindus should have fearlessness,the first prerequisite of a spiritual life.

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