Saturday, January 12, 2008

Mr. Makkar

I am surprised with Shri Makkar's sayings. True there is some overzeal among jewish people to protect their own and can be discriminatory to others especially non-europeans. Yes, in Marlboro a Sikh kid was beaten up by two jewish kids and the board did not take action and father had to take child away from school and the community got together and protested to the board. There are problems just as in India there are problem within communities and castes.

But magnifying these problems to a larger sphere and looking anything jewish is bad and the concept of enemy of my enemy is my friend is insanity. Let us not worry about what Israel did to Palestine. If there are no repercussions, Islamic countries would not hesitate to wipe out the whole state of Israel of the earth. Do not underestimate what they do justifying that it is written in their holy book.

Also, the idea that Islamic invaders could plunder India because India (Hindus) did not have unity is not true. If you look at Islamic history, it is only India that gave them resistance and India paid a great price. It took them very short time to conquer Iran, part of Europe and North Africa. The devastation and plunder of Hindu civilization that continues right before our eyes today where half million kashmiris are thrown out of their homes, thousands of people dying due to blasts speak volumes. Let us not mistake what Islam is and all humanity including Muslims are victims of Islam. It strips of humanity from human beings, particularly from women and non-believers. What hurt Hindus most is lack of vision of Gandhi and other leaders who could not understand Islam. Their concern for Muslims stems out of them being a true Hindu. They did not separate the concern for minorities and the Islam religion that drives that minority. Today, no one benefited from their appeasement policy, neither Muslims, nor Hindus.

If Mr. Makkar aspire to be a leader, he should stop harping on negativities and blowing things out of proportion. We have a lot to learn from Jewish people and let us take the best among others and discard what that is not good.


On Jan 11, 2008 5:16 PM, Vijay Ashar wrote:

Shri Makkar, several weeks ago when you had first announced your candidacy for an elective office in NJ (against incumbent senator Lautenburg?), and had appealed to the Indian community for solidarity and support, i was sympathetic to your plea, even though i live in CA. But now after reading your many irrational rantings and wild allegations against many individuals anfd groups who speak up on behalf of the Hindu cause and Hindu dignity, i am firmly persuaded that all dignified NRIs eligible to vote in NJ, Hindus or otherwise, would be well-advised to refrain from giving any support to you. You sound more and more like a turncoat Hindu, who has quite possibly sold away his dignity and pride of his Hindu identity to alien vested interests (either pro-Islamic or pro-evangelist) for the promise of financial and political support. The Hindu community in NJ and USA has reason to fear more from the renegade Hindus like you than from outside enemies.

I agree with Shri 'Bharat's' viewpoint that it is no use engaging into any persuasive arguments with close-minded and judgemental Hindus of your ilk who evince such abysmal self-respect about their own mother-culture. It is my sincere hope that your children are spared from your carping prejudice flaunted apparently for some petty short-term gains. Hope you will take the trouble to read the thoughts and speeches of Sw. Vivekananda and take a leaf from that in your campaign.

Bharat wrote:

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Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2008 11:31:16 -0800 (PST)
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Shri Makkar:

I have no desire to engage in arguments with you.