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Hindi is in danger of declining and extremely polluted – 13

Converted Christians are slave people and want to convert Bhaarat into slavery again

Views of some converted Christians

Joe schmoe

South India is a separate country. We are DRAVIDA NADU! We will throw Hindi and the India government out of our country! We will abolish Hindi and Sanskrit, and only allow Dravidian languages and English!
You Aryan barbarians are a plague, and we Dravidians will wipe you out, or Pakistan and China will!
Go to hell, stupid Hindi-dog! I would much rather learn English, or even Arabic, then a third-class inferior language like Hindi. Stupid, imperialist Indian. I would rewelcome the British, rather than submit to Hindi Imperialism!
From, Proud Dravidian


c. Alex Alexander

But, since I am of South Indian (Kerala) origin who truly has no animosity towards any language, I was amused that you compared Quebec whose 95% speak French whereas in India, Hindi is spoken by barely 40 or 43% of people.

The Tamils, Telugus and Kannadigas make the same complaints as you make with regard to Hindi. The South Indians (except for the Keralites) demand that the media and their respective state governments make efforts to "clean up"
their respective languages by purging from them anglicized expressions as well as "Hindustani" incursions into their languages brought about by the movies and other media organs.

The "purity" of any language cannot be maintained by laws or coercive measures. Language being part of "culture", it is bound to evolve. The culture of India in which I grew up is no longer the same, especially in India's cities and urban areas. Even in rural areas, both internet and dish-TV sets are fomenting a homogenized evolution of an "Indian" culture which often reeks of western idiosyncrasies than anything worth while imported from other regions of India. For example, in the South, Valentine day has become a big event whereas Holi (which to me is a fun festival) is
hardly known or celebrated in the South. What is worse, in some parts of Tamil Nadu, Deepavali is shunned by those who are staunch DMK followers!
I have found that in the South of India, language is more divisive than religion is.



Opposition to move for making Hindi also as language of High Courts and Supreme Court by Tamilnadu Chief Minister Karunanidhi is uncalled for because Hindi is official language of the country and is in use together with English everywhere in governance-system. Moreover it is in no way domination of Hindi because use of English is not being discontinued.

Non Hindi speaking politicians use Hindi when they find it a political necessity. UP Chief Minister Mulayamsingh Yadav made even AIADMK supremo J Jaylalita known for her anti-Hindi attitude, speak in Hindi to muster votes for the former in UP assembly-elections. She spoke fluently in Hindi with same beauty as she speaks in English. This is not the first instance when a politician known for anti-Hindi attitude used Hindi for votes. Even her rival DMK adopted Hindi during poll-campaign in Taminadu to get support of Hindi-speaking people in the southern state. The then Prime Minister HD Devegowda followed tradition by addressing the nation in Hindi from ramparts of Red Fort in Delhi on the Independence Day fallen during his regime as Prime Minister of India.

From: Ravishankar V. (

I am as engaged with India's future and its current social and cultural politics as you are. We are working towards similar goals. Since I am not a Hindi speaking person that language politics does not mean much to me. It is an unnecessary distraction for me. I have no problem with Hindi being the national language, as long as regional languages can work in their zones without being molested or driven out.
But I have not time for Hindi promotion or anything even remotely associated with it.
I am as desirous as your are perhaps, in seeing India turn into a nation that respects its Hindu culture and tries to become a nation that values Hinduism above all else.
Ravi Shankar

This Proud Dravidian, Joe schmooze

is just BLIND to the facts that Hindi is spoken in many European countries like Poland and others.

Basically there is nothing wrong to be proud about ones language, but Proud Dravidian is just emotional and fanatic. Does he know that if Hindi speaking India is wiped out, South India will be ruthlessly CRUSHED and vaporized without trace under heels of those nations named by him.

Proud Dravidian should tell us where are Hindu cultures of Persia, Afghanistan, and far east...etc Just vaporised by Islam!!!

Where are genuine Red Indians, Maories, Aborigins of America, New Zealand, and Australia??? Demolished without trace by Christians.!!!

Macaulay's 1835 speech

'I do not think we would ever conquer this country (India), unless we break the very backbone of this nation, which is her spiritual and cultural heritage, and, therefore, I propose that we replace her old and ancient education system, her culture, for if the Indians think that all that is foreign and English is good and greater than their own, they will lose their self-esteem, their native self-culture and they will become what we want them, a truly dominated nation."

Let us admit that during the British Rule, we were educated in the schools based on Macaulay school of thinking which believed that everything Indian was inferior and that entire "Indian literature was not worth even one book rack in England".

Dravidians will surely learn Hindi as they learnt English under the British rule and earlier, in the ancient period, they learnt Sanskrit. Their so-called hatred towards Hindi and Sanskrit is politically motivated because of a weak anti-Hindu government at the Centre. Under the present regime of Nehru family especially under Sonia Khan, which embodies the evils of both the Mohammedan rule and the British Raj, people of even Hindi speaking provinces are getting away from Hindi and running after Urdu and English.

Speaking in English as opposed to Hindi or Sanskrit demeans the human soul / atma and civilized life. English leads one to suffer in life as opposed to Sanskrit / Hindi which calms the soul.

Hindus do not realise that by following Western culture blindly, they are ruining their own culture and also leading their future generations into hedonism by making them imbibe degrading Western cultural values.

When a person converts his faith, he celebrates the customs and festivals and adopts the language of that faith and follows it. Likewise, if we do not follow our faith and follow the faith and adopts the language of another faith, it is similar to getting converted to that faith for a day! Hindus are not aware that by setting aside their own religion and language they are committing a sin of betraying their religion and language. It is commonly seen that nowadays every person is seen communicating in foreign language.

Today Hindu Dharma and Bhaaratiya languages are being attacked from all directions and the greatest threat is from the western culture. Counter-attacking this aggressive trend is the duty of every Hindu.


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