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Subject: {UnitedHinduFront} Re: HHR Press Release : 26/11/07 :Brutal oppression of peaceful Hindu protestors by Malaysian government

Dear Poonam.

The truth is that Gandhi and Gandhism in India meant, by and by, bringing back the Moghul rule. Gandhi's adopted son and his chief legatee, Jawaharlal Nehru, got the Indian Constitution so framed that the sovereignty of India lay in the hands of minorities, meaning Muslims and Christians. In the past 60 years, due to Hindu stupidity and cowardice, a stage has come when an Italian lady is the super-Prime Minister and a Sikh, (claiming to be one of the minorities), is the Prime Minister of India, who boldly says that the Muslims have the first right in the resources of India. In the Muslim majority Malaysia, sovereigny of the State lies with the Muslims and minorities have to submit to their wishes.

Yours sincerely,
Ram Bhai

poonam abbi wrote:

I too have not been able to understand this. When
muslims & christians forcefully & deceitfully &
brutally take over the Hindu system in India, it is
called reform 80% of population ruling a country in
India is not acceptable, secularism in India means
that 20% of minorities rule this country by destroying
everything sensible. But when a similar protest is
raised by the tortured Hindus in a non Hindu country,
it is called sedition? I believe the time has come to
kick out all non hindus out of India, yes all muslims
& christians, whether born in India or not, do not
belong in a Hindu country. For thiss if all Hindus
from all over the world have to come back to India, it
will be beneficial. for it will filter out the
undesired element who are hindus only in name & do
nothing but sit in their ac houses in white countries
& bash India & hindus, mock & insult hindu & indian
ways of life. That will also ease the population
problem in india. It will be like doing pest control.
--- surinder attri wrote:

> My Take:
> 1. The Islamic government of Malaysia will not come
> to its senses,
> until we hit the Sullas in India, with terminal
> vengeance.
> Surinder Paul Attri
> On Nov 26, 2007 12:20 PM, Hindu Human Rights
> wrote:
> >
> > HHR Press Release : 26/11/07
> >
> > Brutal oppression of peaceful Hindu protestors by
> Malaysian government
> >
> >
> >
> > Hindu Human Rights is concerned at the incredible
> violence used by the
> > Malaysian authorities, including the use of
> dangerous chemical-laced water
> > cannons, against Hindus in that country peacefully
> protesting in the
> > nation's capital of Kuala Lumpur. Hindu protestors
> were demonstrating
> > outside the British High Commission as it was
> Britain that imported
> > indentured Indian labour (legalised slave labour)
> to work on the rubber
> > plantations over a century ago and then left them
> there with no means to
> > protect themselves as is now being witnessed.
> >
> > Despite being born in Malaysia and settled there
> for many generations,
> > Hindus are still regarded as immigrants and
> outsiders and not recognised as
> > Malaysian with the same rights as the indigenous
> Malays, who are known as
> > 'bumiputra' or sons of the soil. They suffer
> widespread poverty and have
> > been relegated to the lowermost rungs of the
> social and economic sphere as
> > the political system openly discriminates against
> them in regards to jobs,
> > scholarships, study places and economic benefit.
> >
> > In addition to this there is open religious
> discrimination against Hindus as
> > well. Hindu temples in Malaysia are systematically
> demolished under any
> > pretexts by Malaysian authorities. There have even
> been numerous cases where
> > authorities have intervened to stop Hindus from
> even receiving their
> > traditional funeral rites.
> >
> > So for even daring to voice their concerns, the
> three leading members of the
> > group behind the protest, the Hindu Rights Action
> Force (Hindraf), were
> > arrested, charged with making seditious comments,
> and face up to three years
> > in jail if convicted.
> > Thanks to the pressure from the international
> community and protests from
> > fair-minded people, the three arrested activist
> have temporarily been
> > released. However the situation remains precarious
> and the appalled state of
> > human rights of Hindus in that country continues.
> >
> > HHR calls upon the Malaysian government respect
> the rights of Hindus in that
> > country and work towards dismantling the racial
> and religious apartheid that
> > makes Malaysian Hindus the most neglected
> community in that country. HHR
> > also calls upon the worldwide community to
> recognize the discrimination and
> > oppression faced by Malaysian Hindus, which has
> been ignored, despite the
> > fact that it has become progressively worse since
> the independence of the
> > former British colony of Malaya in 1957.
> >
> > Video of Malaysian police brutalising Hindu
> protestors
> > (courtesy of Al Jazeera)
> >
> >


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