Friday, November 09, 2007

THIS IS ALL HOGWASH, but still a good development


Pakistan Prime Minister and other politicians in Pakistan have exhibited a welcome gesture in greeting Hindu minority there on Deepawali assuring them equal rights with majority Muslims. In recent past, Pakistani media has also started prominently highlighting celebration of Hindu festivals in Pakistan. Interestingly, Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation Limited (PTDC) has also recognized Pakistan city Lahore as being named after Lord Rama’s elder son Luv. It is co-incidental that a Hindu was crowned as Chief Justice of the Islamic nation and another Hindu Danish Kanaria included in country’s cricket-eleven. It is high time sentiments of minority Hindus in Pakistan may be respected by including some Hindu festival/s in list of national holidays of Pakistan when minority Christians already have Christmas Day on 25th December as one of the national holidays of Pakistan. It is good that prominent Indian press-agencies and media reproduce news-coverage of Hindus in Pakistan by Pakistani media. It should be hoped that Bangladesh will also start respecting sentiments of large number of Bangladeshi Hindus in the same manner.


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