Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What should we eat for snack - try bhune hue chane

No doubt we usually eat an apple, or some cucumber or tomatoe etc.when we want to eat something between meals. However, for a snack we like to eat something crunchy. Have we forgotten the childhood snack we used to eat so often and savour. I am talking about the bhune hue chane, i.e. roasted chick peas. Just buy a pound or two of them from an Indian shop and you can eat some of them, preferably without salt, i.e. unsalted whenever you feel like eating something. They have least number of calories.

It is better to eat them with skin. If you don't like the stony chanaa which may come ;in between your eating the chanaa whole, or if you prefer, you may grind these chanaa in a grinder. Then you make it a sattoo and can mix it with dahi and eat it; if you are alright with sugar put a little sugar; if not, put some stevia or other type of sweetener.

Not only it has the least amount of calories, it has many other benefits as it is very helpful for the stomach, etc.

Any questions or comments?


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