Monday, September 24, 2007

SUCCESS OF SHRI PREMJI AND failure of OTHER MOSLEMS saluting HMV IN INDIA, carrying out terrorist activities

Yaroslav Trofimov at yaroslav.trofimov@wsj.com1

No doubt the general muslims are themselves to blame because of their HMV attitude and saluting their SAUDI ARABIAN masters whose first priority is to convert every non-Moslem to moslem religion, if necessary by terrorism. That's where the root cause lies in their slavish mentality and poverty of the moslemmasses in India who follow Saudis for the handouts they give from their unlimited oil wealth to these uneducated masses to learn qoran by cramming and for carrying out terrorism, all over the world. I wish these Moslems will convert back to Hinduism (the original religion of their forefathers from which they were forcibly converted to Islam) or Buddhism, both peaceful and non-violent religionsand live a happy life like everyone else and leave everyone else alone.