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The result of deleting the word PARTITION from our psyche and Constitution will be disastrous, especially for the Hindus in PARTITIONED India.

It meant prompt rehabilitation of the TREACHEROUS Muslim minority, who had suddenly, and most ruthlessly, attacked their own land of birth, and occupied one third of India to demonstrate their separate identity from the rest of us. Price of their High Treason was paid by countless millions who were either massacred or forced out of their ancestral homes.

Subsequent policies and actions of ruling (and fooling) establishment of India are proof thereof, and volumes can be written to show evidence.

One of the saddest aspects of going down the tunnel of bogus secularism under compulsion has been to receive our global vision through the eyes of Islam and the Christian West.

Arbitrarily Pakistan is a friend and so is PLO while Hindu Nepal to the north is hostile and the entire glorious Buddhist world to the East is irrelevant.

We have done nothing to encourage the common people there to visit their holy sites, especially those connected with Mahatma Buddha, in Bharat.

India is fortunate to have so many divine prophets and messengers of God but a blanket has been thrown over them in order to appease Islam and the West. In obvious cowardice she shows total lack of commitment and conviction in native religions.

Does Italy discourage pilgrims to Rome? Does France feel embarrassed over the pilgrims flying in special planes to Lourdes? Does Mecca leave any stone unturned while OFFICIALLY accommodating millions of pilgrims at Hajj?

Our so-called Hindustan ought to have blown off her bogus secularism on the day she surrendered unconditionally, and in eternity, the provincial capital Lahore to Islam.

It was time to say to the world, "Secularism, in order to be decent and acceptable in Delhi, has to be IMPOSED on Dr. Manmohan Singh's "brothers & sisters" in Lahore."

But our Hindu world has NO stalwart or hero to dare say just that. World's greatest Truth has been thrown into garbage pit by those yelling, "Satyam Vijayate".

What can be the quality of a nation if the leaders are so mediocre and timid?

India has condemned Israel in public and did not establish diplomatic relations for decades after Partition. She votes at UNO only to please the Muslim world that wants death to every Kafir on earth while occupying the rest of India, too.

India has done NOTHING to develop and STRENGTHEN relations between her indigenous Hindus and the Hindus in Kashmir, East Bengal and Nepal, and the Buddhists in Japan and China. She looks at one through the eyes of Islam and at the other through the eyes of the West. Her own "Hindu eyes" are tightly capped due to fear, embarrassment and shame.

Not one bridge has been built between India and Nepal, and between India and the Buddhist countries to the East.

These are the very countries that we could regard being in the orbit of India's PERMANENT INTEREST, not the Middle East that gave us destructive Islam and the West that gave us crippling Partition.

Where does India's "permanent interest" lie? It lies not under the nose, not as far as the eye can see. It lies beyond the horizon. It is not seen by the one on foot nor by the one on elephant but by the one whose vision can soar above the clouds.


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Sep 2, 07


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