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From: Vijay Ashar
Date: Aug 21, 2007 11:15 PM
Subject: Would you call this a flawless man or a Prophet of God?

Let's all have some healthy curiosity to learn the details about the second largest religion of the world. Let us also find out from our close Muslim friends how much of this history about their prophet they get to learnor dare to believe.

Prophet Muhammad was a flawless man.....
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Mon Aug 20, 2007 4:12 pm (PST)
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Prophet Muhammad was a flawless man....
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A press released appeared on Aug 5, in the Ananda Bazar Patrika, a Calcutta
based Bengali
daily, says that Mufti Maulana Basir Uddin, a senior Islamic scholar of
Kashmir, has promulgated a fatwa against a Muslim author Mr Waheed Uddin
Khan who has alleged to have passed derogatory comments on Hajrat Muhammad,
the prophet of Islam in a recent writing. The fatwa has asked the Muslim
community to stop reading the writings of Mr Khan. Mr Waheed Uddin Khan
runs a monthly Islamic magazine Ar-Riasala, and he is the editor of the said
monthly. The same author had to face the wrath of the fanatics over the
contents of his another writing in the recent past. But this time, even the
liberal Muslims is said to gone against him.

The controversy began when the current edition of the Ar-Riasala where he
has written that
Prophet Muhammad was not beyond mundane attributes. He was not beyond right
and wrong. Mufti Basir Uddin, on the other hand, is convinced that, "There
should not be any controversy among the believers that Hajrat Muhammad was a
flawless man. If any one contradicts this through his writings, then he is a
wrong-doer. He has committed the unpardonable sin of insulting Islam and
insulting the Prophet". But hardly it was noticed by anybody when the
alleged objectionable part of the writing came out in the magazine. It was a
member of the Dakhtaran-i- Millat, a women's organization, spotted the
offensive part in Waheed Uddin's writing and informed the Mufti Maulana
Basir about it.

In fact, Islam does not allow anyone to make a rational estimate of Prophet
Muhammad, his life and deeds. The followers are permitted only to praise him
for everything he did, without passing any critical remark. He should always
be projected as a flawless man and an apostle of peace by concealing his
terribly cruel deeds like massacring the Jews of Kuraiza and Nazir clan and
indiscriminate killings of Arab infidels organizing 82 raids and military
campaigns during his ten years' stay at Medina. Every Muslims has to
discover divinity in his marrying 12 (or more) wives in his declining years,
including his marrying Ayesha at the age of 52, when Ayesha was child of 6,
and his marrying Zainab, the wife of his adopted son Zeid.

Islam as a creed does not allow free thinking and as soon as an individual
embraces Islam, he has to surrender his right of free thinking and hence it
can be said that Muslims as a community around the world are intellectually
enslaved by the creed of Islam. Or, more pointedly, they are a community of
people enslaved by the Koran. The creed of Islam may be compared with
delicate glassware hanging from with a fine thread. In fact, the kalema "La
Ilaha Illalla Mahammadur Rasulullah" (i.e. Allah is the only God to be
worshipped and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah) is the thread. If it
brakes, the entire edifice of Islam would fall and brake into pieces. And
that is the reason Islam cannot tolerate any criticism against the Prophet
and the image of the Prophet is to be preserved for the survival of Islam.
And hence a rational estimate about his life and deed is taken as blasphemy
and any individual who dares to commit such a crime is to be punished with
death. Every year, a few thousand people are killed for their alleged
blasphemy against the Prophet.

In the Muslim community, there is a practice that can be said the exchange
marriage, where two male members exchange their daughters in marriage. In
Arabia, during the time of the Prophet, the practice was known as the
Shighar Marriage. In the recent past, the Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden
and his Chief Commander Omar did a similar marriage by exchanging their
daughters- Omar married Osama's daughter and Osama married Omar's daughter.
In a similar manner, Prophet Muhammad and his dearest friend Abu-Bakr
entered into an agreement – Abu Bakr agreed to give his six year-old
daughter Ayesha to Muhammad and Muhammad agreed give his daughter Fatima to
Abu Bakr, in marriage. At the time of this agreement, Abu Bakr had 16 wives
in his harem in Mecca. The incident is sufficient to show the lechery of the
Arabs and the status of women in Arabian society at that time of the

So in the first year of Hijri, child Ayesha was married to the Prophet, at
Abu Bakr's house in Medina. But the Prophet refrained to discharge his part
of the agreement and stopped even to mention it. After waiting for a few
months in vain, Abu Bakr reminded the Prophet of the matter and the Prophet
said that he was waiting to receive a command from Allah in this regard. But
the hard truth was that that command from Allah he never received and Abu
Bakr had to give up his desire to have Fatima as a wife. So when a Muslim
asserts that Muhammad of Arabia was the purest and flawless man, a
nonbeliever kafir become confused and starts to think – how a man, who could
marry a 6 year-old child at the age of 52, can be the purest and most
flawless man?

It also becomes unbelievable for a kafir, how a man, who could massacre 800
able Jew male members of the Medina, belonging to the Kuraiza clan, in a
single day, sell their women and children as slaves and sleep with Rihana,
the most charming of them in the same night the massacre took place, can be
called most flawless and purest man on earth? Only to create terror among
the non-Muslims of the city of Medina, the Prophet decided to massacre the
entire clan of Kuraiza Jews of Medina. On the previous night a ditch, big
enough for burying 800 people, was dug in the Market-place of Medina and the
victims (800 male and more than 1000 women and children) were shut up in a
yard, men separated from women and children.

The beheading began in the next morning, just after the Fazr Prayer.
Mohammad commanded to bring forth the male captives in batches of five or
six at a time. Each company, as it came up, was ordered to lie down, with
the face down, in a row on the brink of the ditch. Muhammad's uncles Jubair,
Hamja, Talha and cousin Ali kept themselves busy in chopping their heads off
and kick the corpses into the ditch.

To describe the incident Sir W Muir, the celebrated biographer of the
Prophet, writes, "The
butchery, begun in the morning, lasted all day, and continued by torchlight
till the evening.
Having thus drenched the market-place with the blood of seven or eight
hundred victims, and having been commanded for the earth to be smoothed
over their remains, Mohammad returned from the horrid spectacle to solace
himself with the charms of Reihaha, whose husband and all her male relatives
had just perished in the massacre. He invited her to be his wife; but she
declined, and chose to remain his slave or concubine". The Life of Mahomet,
Voice of India, New Delhi, 1992)

She declined to embrace Islam, but it is said, however that she afterwards
embraced Islam. Sir W Muir continues, "The booty was divided into four
classes – lands, chattels, cattle and slaves; and Mohammad took a fifth of
each. There were a thousand captives; from his share of these, Mohammad made
certain presents to his friends of slave girls and female servants. The rest
of the women and children he sent to be sold among the Bedawi tribes of
Nejd, in exchange for horses and arms in the service of the State. …. The
remaining property was divided amongst the 3,000 soldiers of Medina, to the
highest bidder among whom the women were also sold"( W
Muir, ibid ).

The two incidents described above is more than enough for an intelligent
reader to understand how pure and flawless was Muhammad, the Prophet of
Islam. There are other incidents like his marrying of the wife of his
adopted son Zeid, his invading Khoibar and massacring the Jews of the Nazir
clan and marrying Safia, his punishing eight criminals, his massacring Arab
infidels by organizing 82 raids during his ten years stay in Medina and so
on and so forth, that helps one to understand how pure and flawless the
Prophet of Arabia was.


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