Tuesday, August 14, 2007

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Obstacles to Realization

The first and the greatest obstacle is the assumption or rather acceptance that God Realization will take a lot of time. We have to understand that God Realization and the attainment of worldly things are two very different things. The attainment of worldly things is through doing something, e.g. building a house. While realization of God is like uncovering something that is already there, such as finding the necklace that is already around your neck. The misconception that God Realization will take time can be removed and should be removed once and for all, and as a matter of fact, right now.

The second obstacle is that there is a lack in the desire to attain/realize God.

The third is that we assume obstacles in this path. We assume that we are not entitled to attain/realize God, we are not as pure as we should be, we are not capable, it is very difficult, it will happen when God has Grace on us, this period (Kaliyug) is very bad, etc. All
these obstacles are excuses and justifications and all in all false.

Each and every human being is entitled and capable of attaining God. It is not possible that a man fails in his quest for God Realization. There is absolutely no doubt in this whatsoever.

God has given us a human life. It has not been given to us by mistake. It has been given to us for this purpose only. So, nobody should ever be disheartened or disappointed in spirituality - in the realization of God. The human life is a certificate of entitlement for realization of God. It is our birth right to attain God. If one tries whole heartedly, success is absolutely sure - in this life itself.

Why do you get disappointed when you are present and God is also present. Attainment is possible when we are doubt free. There may be delay (depending on the amount you try) but result is a surity.

The problem is that very few try. Therefore today, right now, decide firmly and have the courage. I can tell you many paths which you will have no difficulty in following. If your resolve is firm and you have the courage start chanting His name right now. Stop only for eating, drinking and sleeping. Don't just talk - do it and see the difference. Just chant His name.

From Discourse by Swami Ramsukhdasji in Hindi on April 8, 1991 at 5 a.m.

Ram Ram



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