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Subject: Crime who lives in cage: Dancers held captive, Fatwa on Taslima

Crime who lives in cage: Dancers held captive, Fatwa on Taslima

I read the news "Indian dancers held captive in Dubai" and "Fatwa to blacken Taslima's Face". Then the seen of 'captive parrot in cage' comes before my eyes and panic wave of Monotheism starts in my mind. Should human beings live in cages to reach in heaven? These types of mental image come to mind and for the last three days it just keeps playing in my head. So bear with me as I try to get it out.
Indian dancers held captive in Dubai

News of Aug 8 from Dubai says: The death of a Pakistani dancer here last week due to fire that broke out in a locked flat has brought to notice the plight of dancers, a majority of them Indians, who perform at hotels in the Gulf nation.

Many hotels in Dubai even have dedicated Indian nightclubs where the singers and dancers are Indians. After their duty that ends in the wee hours, they are taken to their flats and kept locked up.

UPA ally Owaisi backs MLAs for attacking Taslima at book launch
There is another report MIM president Sultan Salahuddin Owaisi defended his party MLAs. "When the Bangladesh government has shunted Taslima out of the country, why is the Indian government protecting her?" he asked. In a live interaction with Taslima on a local Bengali TV channel, the Imam of the Tipu Sultan mosque, Noorul Rahman Barkati, said he had issued the fatwa against the author for her comments against Islam and its prophet. Barkati also said that he had offered a reward of Rs 50,000 for anybody who would blacken Taslima's face.

Rajan Zed was making history in US Senate by singing Hindu Prayer. At that time three protesters were shouting out phrases such as, "No Lord but Jesus Christ!" and "There's only one true God!"

Christinity of Sonia Gandhi and Bush says only Chirst showed the way to heaven.
Islamists also think the same. January 30, 2006: In his video Zawahiri shows the agenda is to convert the world, including the President of the United States, to Islam. The alternative is death. Difference is only that conversion in Christianity by fraud and in Islma by terror. Jehadis fight directly but Christian Missionaries fight for conversion from back door.

Why do adopters of Monotheism spend most of their lives in cages? I have no experience of living in cage. I become anxious for getting the experience of living in cage.
I made a cage for myself
I picked up beliefs and thoughts of Christian Minssionaries and fatwa Islamists as the raw material to make a cage 4'x 4'x 6' in which I might live for getting the experience of captivity.
Few things besides others, which I collected:
36 feet of 4' wide 16 gauge vinyl coated wire mesh with no larger than 2"x 1" spacing.
Two packages of 200 nylon cable ties or J clips ( cage clips) and J clip pliers.
Two lengths of 16 foot plastic trim.
Sharp wire cutters and pliers
Silicone sealant or hot glue
door latch.

I cut the wire mesh into:
Four 6 foot by 4 foot pieces (the sides)
Two 4 foot by 4 foot pieces (the top and bottom)
Two 1 foot by 4 foot pieces (shelves)
One 2 foot by 4 foot piece (door)

On using above said material I made a cage annd entered on it and locked the same myself.

So there I am in my nice little cage, safe as desiged in the preaching of Christian Missonaries and Islamic Jehadi.or so I thought.

What I believed, what I saw, what I did became confined to what could be done in my cage. I tried to decorate the cage by so called fake secularim, appeasement, caste and religion based quota and 'divide and rule' policy - tried to make it comfortable but I always wondered what was outside.
I could walk with my box.and for a while it worked. Going forward a step was a lot of work. You'd be amazed at how heavy a box could be.
One day my box and me took a wrong step of terrorism, conversion of religious peoples. Not being able to saw where I was going or where I came from could be dangerous.

Tumbling head was over feet - bouncing off the rocks. I could hear the cage sounding with each hit as recently London and Glagow Terror Plot.

The sun blinded my eyes and torched my skin. Confusion surrounded me as the condition of present Indian Government in dealing terrorism and Maoism. And then I heard voices. It sounded as though people were actually talking to each other and having fun. something I hadn't done in a long time.

As I walked the voices got louder and louder until I found a group dancing and singing. One of them explained me how they had liberty in Hindu religion and Indian culture. They had 33 crores god and goddesses. They had libery to wear, eat and living as their choice. Their might was spirituality and tolerance with 'Atithi Devo Bhava' (the guest is god)."

Another singing person asked me about mey captity in the cage. I explained him about my captivity in the self made cage for getting experiment how Chiristian Missionaries and fatwa clerics can get the human being happy peaceful life. He warned me after listening my self-inspired captivity. He suggested me for not becoming a 'Kolhu kaa bail (bullock of village maded expeller)' and told me a story of Captive Parrot and suggested me coming out of the cage without doing further delay.

"In the past I went to my in-laws house. I was having dinner there. While exchanging gossip, I heard some noise under the dinner table. Out of curiosity I looked under and saw a parrot. A grown up parrot walking under the table! Incidentally it became the subject of the chatting.
I found the fact sheet of the parrot in conversation. The parrot could not fly. It was neither sick nor was its wings clipped. It eats everything that the family eats. I learned that initially the baby parrot was fed star fruits and hot chillies, as a wild parrot would normally eat. Later it was introduced to cooked dishes. With time, the parrot developed the habit of eating everything the family ate.

In between our conversations, the parrot was picked up from the floor and placed on a bookcase across the room. After walking around for a while on the bookcase, it jumped down and landed on the floor. While jumping down, the parrot flipped its wings, giving me the impression that it was flying.

No, the parrot could not fly - it could only flip its wings while jumping down. It was unable to fly like a normal bird could. It was a healthy and otherwise a normal bird, but it forgot to fly because of its captivity.

The inherent power of a bird is to fly - overcome the challenges of nature to live and sustain itself. But this parrot could do neither. Although otherwise normal, it lacked the very inherent power of a parrot. In fact, if set free, it would not even survive. Though, owners take care of birds, although lovingly, the owners practically "disabled" the parrot.

By Premendra Agrawal
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