Tuesday, June 05, 2007



By S.P. Attri ( USA )


1. Some Hindus are aware that whenever there is an issue of conflict, between the Moslems and the Non-Moslem Hindu-Kafirs, the Indian Media ( most of whom belong to the Phoney-Liberal bunch ) takes the side of the Moslems. The consequence of this biased reporting, makes the plight of the Kafir-Hindus, worse than what it was before. This cock-eyed and crooked reporting appears outlandish, when it is realized that Kafir-Hindus have already been suffering for 1200 years plus, under the ferocious savagery of Islamic rule in India. But the Phoney-Liberal media refuses to drop off, its Anti-Kafir propaganda, and their actions are increasing the threat of extinction, for the Kafir Hindu community.

2. Those Hindus who are attentive, denounce this Anti-Kafir propaganda, in addition to openly telling the Hindus and the Non-Hindus alike, that Islam is not what it is claimed to be, nor what it is publicized out to be.

Those Hindus who want to prevent the repetition of the chapters, of the 1200 years of Islamic rule in India, consider it their duty to use their freedom of speech and expression, to protest this Moslem-Leaning Newspeak, as well as to contact the Hindu population, talk sense to them, and change their mistaken ideas about Islam. Hopefully, this would eliminate all or some, of the false ideas that they hold about Islam.

3. In addition to their Moslem-Leaning Slant, the Phoney-Liberal Media, also presents a rosy picture of Islam, which is far removed from the reality of Islam. If you talk to a Moslem or to a Moslem-Mullah, he will loudly announce to you that :

a. Islam is a religion of Peace, Love, and Brotherhood.

b. Quran is the word of God.

The truth, however, is that both these assertions are total-trash. Islam's 1400 year old

Blood-soaked history, cancels out the First Assertion.

But Assertion # 2 is also totally fictitious. Quran has so many errors, omissions, and aberrations, that they cast strong doubt on the divine origin of Quran. Mohammad also seems to have engaged in large scale plagiarism, by pillaging verses from Al-Ukdal Fareed's 25 chapters called Jaw-Hara ( the Pearl ).

4. Thus it can be seen that Quran is based on stolen writings, and on other dubious texts. These cast strong doubts on the divine origin of Quran.

Looking at the personal life of Mohammad, we discover that Mohammad had epileptic fits from an early age. His Mother had declared him possessed by the Devil. Mohammad's actions put Quran on the slippery slope of suspicion, about its divine origin. For instance, why did God confirm that Mohammad's adopted son, divorce his wife, so that Mohammad can have her. This is just too convenient for it to happen in Mohammad's favor, because if God had wanted such a thing to happen, he could have willed it. But this convenient action, fits in perfectly with Mohammad's mindset of lust and lechery.

5. There are many other examples also, which make you doubt the divine origin of Quran. As a matter of fact, Quran appears to be from a Satanic-Source.

It is well known that Islam has generated, large numbers of suicide bombers and terrorists. The book of Quran stokes fires of hatred, and promises houris of Janat ( Moslem's Paradise ) for the slain-Moslem, and abundant booty for the alive-Moslem.

This enmeshing of Islam with death, is part and parcel of Mohammad's message to his followers. Mohammad has cultivated a large mass of assassins, who believe that their reward lies in Janat ( Moslem's Paradise ), of which they all have a prescribed foretaste.

6. This killing for reward, is Mohammad's contribution to the knowledge of the world. Mohammad's message is emulated and continued by Moslem-Clerics.

The smart people will not miss that:

A lack of regard for human life, and barbarity of the type, preached by Mohammad, and practiced by Moslems throughout the entire history of Islam, is indicative of a Godless ( Satanic ) Ideology.

7. We need to thoroughly expose Islam, for what it is, and not what it claims to be.

Surinder Paul Attri


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