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Anticipating things well is a task of wisdom.
dhammapada study page Here is one of the most popular books in Buddhist literature, an anthology of many moral teachings in a simple aphoristic language. More than half the verses are excerpted from other canonical texts. Others come from the storehouse of pithy sayings in ancient India. [Encyclopedia Britannica, s.v. "Dhammapada"]

1. The Twin-Verses
2. On Earnestness
3. Thought
4. Flowers
5. The Fool
6. The Wise Man (Pandita)
7. The Venerable (Arhat).
8. The Thousands
9. Evil
10. Punishment
11. Old Age
12. Self
13. The World
14. The Buddha (The Awakened)
15. Happiness
16. Pleasure
17. Anger
18. Impurity
19. The Just
20. The Way
21. Miscellaneous
22. The Downward Course
23. The Elephant
24. Thirst
25. The Bhikshu (Mendicant)
26. The Brahmana (Arhat)

Take care: Supporting "well medleys" are presupposed throughout:


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