Sunday, April 22, 2007


From: Nenita Vilarran
Subject: Good Day To You,
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2007 12:56:46 +0000

Good Day To You,
As new brand day has come, I give God all the glory and I return all thepraises to him, Where there is life, there is hope. No dream is gone untill death cometh. I must confess that it is with great joy and enthusiasm that I am writing you this mail which I know and believe by faith that it must surely find you in good condition of health.
My name is Nenita Vilarran , 69 years old lady living in Malina Philippines my home country . One is not bound to have all the joys in life. You may have everything in life but there are still those things which one may needed that seems very common to others and yet it kepts on giving hard times.
Everyone has his or her own share of pains to bear in life. I've got mine and you've got yours.But we need to lean on each other to keep life smooth going. I need an honest man or woman trust worthy and God fearing.I have a deposit which my late husband made with a finance company. Nowthe Finance Company has called me to come forward to claim the deposit but,due to my state of health I can not be aqble to travel out side my Country and with my age so, I now want you to assist me to claim the deposit which contains the total sum of US$22M which we can invest in your Country into good business.
I will be very happy to offer 20% of the total sum in the trunk as soonas the company delivered the trunk to your address which they will carry out as soon as the consignment is change to your favour.
Hoping to hear from you.
Regards,Mrs Nenita Vilarran.


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