Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Angry mob pelts stones at Pandher's house

Noida, March 9 - Angry relatives of the victims of the horrific Nithari killings Friday threw stones at D-5 residence of the accused Moninder Singh Pandher in the Nithari village and tried to ransack it.

The mob, which gathered outside Pandher's residence at 1.30 p.m broke the barricades put up by police outside Pandher's residence to attack the house. They later threw stones and tried to sneak into the house after failing in the first attempt, police said.

The protestors accused the Central Investigation Bureau - for saving Pandher and putting all the blame on his domestic help Surendra Koli, the other accused in killings and sexually assaulting 20 girls.

They also burned the effigies of the accused demanding an audience with the CBI director but later dispersed after Senior Superintendent of Police - Rajiv Sabharwal reached the spot and promised to look into their grievances.

Pandher and Koli were arrested on charges of kidnapping, sexual molestation and the murders of around 20 children after police recovered human skulls and body parts from a drain behind Pandher`s D-5 residence. Both of them are presently in judicial custody
P.S. Pandher is being saved because he has contacts with Congress big shots.
If he is convicted, then many of Congress's big shots will be exposed thru him.


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