Friday, March 23, 2007

'Clean chit' by CBI to Pandher shocks nation
Kriti Nath Jha
It's finally confirmed that Surender Koli did eat human flesh after killing people, but the CBI ruled out that he was a psychopath. After filing its chargesheet in a Ghaziabad court, the CBI addressed a Press conference where it gave out details of investigations so far in the gruesome killings in Nithari.
Dismissed and arrested sub-inspector Simaranjeet Kaur was also produced before the CBI court on Thursday and sent to judicial custody till March 29. Meanwhile, people in Nithari and across the nation are aghast that the CBI has given a clean chit to Moninder Singh Pandher.
The first chargesheet in the gory Nithari killings that were discovered three months back was filed against the killer duo Pandher and Koli on Thursday in a special CBI court in Ghaziabad. The chargesheet has been filed in the CBI case number RC 1 (S)/07/SCB-I/DLI relating to abduction, rape and murder of Payal on May 7, 2006.
Payal reportedly had illicit relations with Pandher.
"Neelam, who had been running a call girl racket for the past 11 years, first introduced Payal to Pandher. The CBI said it took the help of eight forensic experts, including even from Finland and South Africa and the help of Interpol to crack the Payal murder case," said Arun Kumar, Joint Director, CBI.
But what was more intriguing was the role of Pandher in Payal's murder. The CBI said he had contacted a private detective to trace her. Pandher was reportedly unaware of Payal's murder till the revelation of killings by his servant Koli.
While Pandher has got a clean chit in Payal's murder, his involvement in two more cases is still being probed. However, "Surender Koli in his statement before the judicial magistrate has not taken Pandher's name as being involved in the crime," Kumar said.
The CBI also submitted that Kaur was found guilty mainly on three counts. She was the first investigating officer to book the criminals. But she took gifts and gratification for herself and other persons from the accused, pressurised the victim's family to withdraw the criminal case filed at Sector-20 police station and framed incorrect records with intention to save accused Pandher and his servant Koli from legal proceedings.
"During the course of investigation, skulls, bones and biological materials, clothes and other belongings of victims were recovered from the premises and drains in front of D-5 on December 29 and subsequently. On taking up investigation from the police, the CBI had scanned and searched the premises with the assistance of forensic experts from various parts of the country," added Kumar.
Blood samples of relatives of 18 victims were also obtained and sent to CDFD, Hyderabad for DNA profiling and matching with the DNA of the 18 skulls and around 90 bones. The CDFD after conducting the tests had conclusively found the identity of only eight victims. The tests for the remaining victims are underway.
"Both accused Pandher and Koli were subjected to forensic psychiatric assessment by a five-member board of the AIIIMS for four days. The board opined that Koli is suffering from Necrophilia and Necrophagia, a sexual perversion disorder. He is not a psychopath and was fully conscious at the time of commissioning such horrendous crime and its subsequent consequences. Pandher also doesn't suffer from any sort of psychotic disorder and illness," said Dr RK Chaddha, Head of the Department of Psychiatric Medicine, AIIMS.
The Nithari victims' families termed the filing of chargesheet as an eyewash and said the whole exercise was to help save Pandher. They said they would meet President APJ Abdul Kalam to seek justice.
"This is only justice half done. Pandher is as much responsible for the crime as
Koli. We will meet the President and seek his intervention," said Ramkishan, father of one of the victims, three-year-old Harsh. The families claimed that Pandher himself had confessed to the crime when they had met him in a Noida police station after he was arrested in December last year after the ghastly killings of 16 children and women.
"After his arrest, when we came face to face with him at the police station, Pandher confessed to the crime. Now, why has the CBI not been able to dig out the truth," said Jhabbu Lal, father of six-year-old Jyoti, another victim. "If Pandher was unaware of the killings, why did he keep bribing the police," he asked.

Everyone knew from the beginning that
Pandher will get off the hook. Reason
is Pandher had connections with many
Congress' big shots. If they convict
Pandher, many of UPA's dirty secrets
could be exposed. So Pandher's spared
to keep a lid on Congress' big wigs.


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