Sunday, January 07, 2007

These slaves of the Arabs!

The more we caress snakes,the more free they become to bite us back.


(This is the bad time Sanatan has been speaking about since long time.
Hindus wake up! Muslims have now started openly attacking Hindu Temples.
Soon they will start attacking Hindus. That time there will be no time to
protest, no law or police to protect us and it would be a do or die
situation. Hence it is imperative that Hindus prepare themselves as
Dharmayoddhas, warriors for the times ahead.- Editor)

A muslim Fanatic entered a Supari Maruti Mandir in Aurangabad and kicked the
idol. He abused the idol and shouted out "allah hu akbar" loudly. He
threatened the Mandir Pujari and beat up a nearby devotee. Seeing this,
there was big hue and cry and several Hindus from nearby residences
accumulated at the temple. They thrashed the muslim youth and handed him
over to the Police. Even after handing over to the police the youth appeared
to be fearless and ready to face the consequences. He said that he was
following the teachings of Quran and Allah's command of destroying idols and
idol worshippers wherever he went. Deputy CM of Maharashtra has appealed to
Hindus to observe restraint!
(Shri R. R. Patil's Gandhigiri, if the same incident had happened with
muslims, entire Maharashtra and later on, whole India would have been
ignited before Patilsab had the opportunity to say this! - Editor)

Despite the Policestation being just 5 minutes away from the Temple, Police
arrived after 45 minutes ! (Hindi movies style police !- Editor) Besides,
the police were not ready to note down the person as a muslim, even though
everyone present at the spot mentioned him as a muslim. The police are now
trying to mask him as a lunatic.

Shiv Sena and BJP performed Maha Aarti in the Temple in the evening. For
three consecutive days, a Maharudrabhishek has been organised.
(In addition to this Shiv Sena and BJP and all Hindutvavadi Organisations
should organise free self-defense training to all Hindus. This is a dire
need of the hour ! - Editor)

Nagarsevika Smt. Shobha Mitkar has appealed to all Hindus to unite in the
name of lord Hanuman.

Feedback :
* Shri Praveen Joshi, Pujari. "The Muslim youth entered the idol gabhara
suddenly and kicked the idol. He spilled the teertha and prasad kept for the
idol and attacked me. he also attacked nearby devotee shouting Allah hu

* Yogesh Pujari, Pujari - "The muslim youth must be severely punished. Lord
Hanuman's strength will not be affected by this, nor will devotee's faith."
(Compare the muslims, who announce death sentence to persons guilty of
slightest blasphemy to Hindus who wait for someone to punish such
miscreants, O Hindu, where is the fire in your belly ? Awaken your Kshatriya
Radiance ! - Editor)


Hindus let us pledge to show such demonic muslims their place and the nature
of their bloody Religion Islam.


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