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Islamic Havoc in Bharat

By A. Ghosh

A review of the book by Anwar Sheikh

This book , containing 387 pages deals with the atrocities of the Muslim rule in India, right from the first invaders to the last perpetrators, who could have qualified as Indians had they shown an iota of respect to the land where they were born, grew up and died. They inflicted disgrace, death and devastation on India in return for the glory, grandeur and greatness that she had bestowed upon them. This ingratitude of the Muslim rulers had ruffled Purushottam Nagesh Oak, the author, whose patriotic instincts have responded to the foreign tyranny without any regard to the repercussions that the bold narrative of this book may have upon him.

P.N.Oak was born March2, 1917. He is a scion of the Maharashtrian Brahminical tradition, but he is also endowed with the Kshatriya spirit for having played an active role in the Azad Hind Fauj (Indian National Army). So keen is his passion for history that he has set up the Institution for Re-Writing World History. He is its Founder-President. Mr. Oak is known for his plain speaking, which earned him wrath of the authorities. He was tried on the charge of using "harsh" language when he called the Muslim raiders as the "Muslim Monsters" but was honourably acquitted.

Having dealt with the Muslim atrocities, Mr. Oak in the Post Script has asked the fellow-patriots to expose the tyrannical conduct of the Muslim rulers. While I am not averse to this suggestion, I think that such an exposure will be more fruitful if its scope is extended. Therefore, I may divide the discussion into three headings:

1. Why did the Muslim suzerains make plunder and rape the guiding principle of their rule?
2. Why did the Muslin rulers succeed in displaying their atrocious conduct with such a baffling impunity?
3. What is the legacy of the Muslim rule to the Indian subcontinent i.e. Bharat, Pakistan and Bangladesh?

1. Islam, in fact is an expression of Mohammedanism, which

1. seeks to glorify the person Muhammad, whose stature towers over God (Allah) Himself and
2. which represents the Prophet's patriotism as the Arab National Movement.

In several articles, I have explained the fact: "a" by quoting chapter and verse from the Koran as well as the relevant hadiths. Is it not strange that in every religion, it is man, who supplicates God but in Islam, it is Allah and His angels, who pray salutations to Muhammad? Is it not baffling to note that on the Day of Judgment, Muhammad will occupy the right hand side of the Throne of Justice with Allah, and it is his word which will decide whether a person will go to heaven or hell? Again, it is not stunning that a person cannot become a Muslim just by having faith in Allah, but remains the Kafir (infidel) until he also confess to believe in Muhammad? Obviously, Islam has less to do with Allah, and more with Muhammad. This is what makes Islam Mohammedanism, removing its religious veneer.

Having written a book: "Islam, The Arab National Movement" to illustrate the "b," I hardly need go into details here but may add briefly that the Prophet Mohammad adopted Moses as the Model, and raised Arabia over the rest of the world in Divine esteem and honour. He realised that only a strong Arab nation could fight for his name and enforce his holiness in the globe. This is why he founded the Arab Empire.

The spiritual yoke of Mohammedanism needed the strength of a secular Empire, which required a highly efficient fighting force, but people do not kill their fellow-men without a compelling inducement, especially when they have done them no wrong. For this purpose, the Prophet Muhammad coined the concept of Jihad which states that "Allah had bought the lives of Muslims in return for the reward of paradise, because "they kill and get killed while fighting for Allah (Jihad), he goes to paradise, the highest place for sexual merriment and economic affluence. If he survives, he becomes entitled to plunder, which includes, not only the wealth and property of the vanquished, but also their women and he can legitimately, seduce them at will. As this is an unusual statement, I may provide some quotations from the Koran to satisfy the skeptics:

"Eat of what you have taken as booty; this is lawful and good….." (The spoils VIII: 70)

One must realize that Islam is the only religion, which holds that murdering innocent people, plundering their property, enslaving their children and seducing their women is legitimate and good. This gives evil the status of good, and the lure of such a philosophy provides a tremendous incitement especially when the fighter fares better if he gets killed because doors of paradise are opened for him eagerly.

For hoisting Mohammedanism, over a head of humanity, the lure, lust and lactation of Jihad (fighting for Allah), has been made endless:

"Fight….such people as practice not the religion of truth……..until they pay the tribute out of hand and have been humbled." (Repentance:IX:25)

Here Islam has been portrayed as "the religion of truth," thus declaring all other faith, false, fallacious and facinorous; their followers have been subjected to a payment to tribute as a symbol of inferiority unless they accept Islam to adore Muhammad like Allah and His angels.

From these introductory explanations, one can see why the foreign predators played havoc with the Indian society. It is simply an article of faith for a Muslim to molest the non-Muslim. However, this conviction, as the wheel of time rolled on, lost its luster and was imbued wit the gloss, glow, and glitter of manipulation, alien to the purpose of Islam, and became representative of personal ambitions. The reason for this attitude is also astonishing.

Shedding blood of a Muslim by a fellow Muslim is a heinous in Islam. After passage of several centuries, many of the wealthy countries have come to be ruled by the Muslim princess, and therefore, the more ambitious Muslim rulers could not multiply their wealth and prestige without invading the fellow-Muslims. Therefore, they concocted excuses to treat their intended victims as kafris i.e. non-Muslims, so that they could march against them as the Holy Crusaders. Take for example, Amir Timur, considered as the saintly ruler of Islam by the Muslims of the Indian Subcontinent. He started raiding the Muslim rulers on the pretext that they were quasi-Muslims for lacking the true Koranic spirit. At sixty-two, he invaded India in 1398. This Barlas Turk was a sincere Muslim, and the lust of booty, which has been the major cause of motivation to the same effect on him what steam has on a locomotive engine. He had set up a Booty Department at Samarqand, his capital, which he strived to keep full by plundering the rulers of his time. Who was who did not worry him, nor was he bothered by the consequences of his actions on history as long as his raids secured him sufficient booty.

At that time, India was governed by the Tughlaq dynasty, which was in disarray owing to the succession-dispute. Both the Muslims and the Hindus (Rajputs) united to fight this formidable conqueror of history but were deciminated by him at Bhatnagar. He reached Delhi in mid-December; he defeated the army of Sultan Mahmud and sacked the city with professional thoroughness. Before the battle began, he slaughtered the 100,000 prisoners both Hindu and Muslim that he captured before reaching the city. On his return, he took with him thousands of horses laden with the Indian gold, diamonds, rubles and precious merchandise. Among these carriers of plunder were eight hundred elephants, which carried green marble to build Jamla Masjid at Samarqand. One wonders what kind of God approves of His worship house built with stolen goods! Among the plunder were several thousand screaming Indian virgins, physicians and artists of various kinds.

Tmur dealt a severe blow to the Muslim ruling dynasty of India but there were no Hindus to make the most of this opportunity to reinstate their lost glory. On the contrary, when he defeated the Ottoman Sultan Bayezid in 1402, the Ottoman Turks rose from their ashes like a phoenix and rebuilt their empire in the Eastern Europe.

Why is it that the Hindus failed to retrieve their honourable past but the Turks rose again to build a stupendous future for themselves? The straight answer lies in their respective beliefs. The Turks believed in Jehad, the will to fight, but the Hindus believed in Ahimsa, the will to flight. The truth is that survival depends upon both fight and flight. The animal that seeks flight as the only way to staying alive becomes what a sheep is to a wolf or a sparrow is to a hawk. This world is full of wolf or a sparrow and they seem to have the divine license to molest, mortify and mutilate the sheep and sparrows. This is what brings us to discuss the second point of this review i.e. why did the Muslim rulers succeed in displaying their atrocious conduct with such a baffling impunity?

2. Hawk is the Vedic bird, which must have formed part of the national Indian flag in the ancient Vedic times. The people, who label themselves as Hindus, have relinquished hawkish way of life as dictated by the Vedas and have adopted the demeanor of a sparrow. This being the truth, they do not deserve the social majesty that is the prerogative of a hawk, due to his heroic manners.

Instead of acknowledging the truth that they have flouted the Vedic doctrine of heroic life, which expects of its devotees to resist torture, torment and tyranny to uphold the cause of joy, justice and joviality, they blame Buddhism for preaching the doctrine of Ahimsa. Quite openly, the Indian history declares that Hinduism drove Buddhism out of India. With it should have gone out Ahimsa i.e. non violence, but it did not. The truth is that the Emperor Asoka held the largest empire of the day; it extended over Afghanistan and almost entire India. His rule was dignified and philanthropic. Since nobody ever dared attack his dominions, and he died as a highly successful ruler, he certainly did not believe in the type of ahimsa as the Hindus do. His principle of Ahimsa meant non-aggression against peaceful neighbouring countries and an honorable individual conduct free from the pollution of pusillanimity, culminating in Drama, which meant a practical life of piety, purity and probity. Asoka's Ahimsa represented non-aggression and not cowardice, which has become the Hindu way of life. This is what this great Indian Emperor called Dharma – piety in personal life, justice in public life and fairness in secular affairs. Frankly speaking, I ought to add that the modern Hindus use the word: Dharma to fool fellow-Hindus for personal gains through a conduct of cowardice and hypocrisy peculiar to themselves.

The nations that have accepted Buddhism, are one of the bravest today; to maintain their martial spirit, the Japanese developed ju-jitsue, a system of bare-handed fighting and the Koreans developed high karate kicks, whereas the Hindus invented feet-touching, and incorporated their Vedic martial postures in dancing!

The truth is that it is the Hindus who first perfected civilisation and then speared it in the east and west. The ethos of their culture was essentially martial. Not only the Vedic gods and warriors but the Vedic goddesses are also eager fighters. Even Agni, the Vedic priest, "the Son of Strength," is a keen combatant. The major feature of the Vedic deities is that they themselves take part in the battles and their devotees solicit their help to fight their enemies. No matter, what the situation, whenever, the forces of vice, virulence and viciousness threatened the good, great and godly, out came the Vedic sword to crush and cremate the wrong doers. It is a law of nature that what goes up, must come down.

This is what happened to Hindu nation. Affluence and ease mellowed their character; we see in the battle of Kurukshetra that Lord Krishna, and God- incarnate, done not fight himself but acts as a coachman and persuades someone else(Arjuna) to lead the fight. Krishna performs here the priestly role giving the sermon but does not take part in the battle like the Vedic gods! It demonstrates a marked fall in the Hindu military fervor. As the wheel of history rolls on into the 20 th century, there emerges another "god" known as Mahatma Gandhi, who exhibits the total collapse of the Hindus, who refuse to fight even for the honour and integrity of their Motherland and agree to the Partition!

It is this Ahimsa, the total addiction to cowardice that the Hindus enjoy under the shameful cover of dharma that enabled the foreign predators to display their atrocities conduct with complete impunity. Should not Hindus share a part of this disgrace? It is natured for a robber to rob, but the person who gives in without defending his possessions, in fact, is guilty of aiding and abetting the robber."

3. Finally, we come to discuss the legacy of the Muslim rule in India.

Frankly speaking, I ought to say that the legacy is the complete realisation of the Arabic national dream which seeks to impose the Arab Cultural Imperialism on other nations through a subtle stratagem of divide and rule in the guise of religion by splitting humanity into Momins (the Muslims) and Kafirs (the non-Muslims), Islam has set father against son and brother against brother, so that they should forget the significance of blood ties, human values and moral standards, and kill one another to enjoy the hallucinations of paradise. This is not an emotional mumbo-jumbo. Look, how Islam has created the most dreadful hatred among the Indian brethren who zealously murdered one another in 1947 to partition their own Motherland for the glory of the Arabian culture. Those who have embraced Islam believe that the fellow Indians are totally alien to them; India is not their Motherland but the battlefield, which justifies mischief, malevolence and misbehaviors. These people are Indian through and through, and this fact is vouched for by their blood, language, culture, land of birth, customs, traditions, colour and even temperament. Instead, they believe that they share nationality with the Arabs, Egyptians, Iranian, and so on! This is certainly the height of brainwashing; only the most seductive concept so Islam, which offers unlimited sexual merriment in paradise, could perform this miracle.

The destructive influence of Islam has become the social bane of Bharat, Pakistan and Bangladesh. In India, the Muslims are deadly opposed to a unified Civil Code; in Pakistan and Bangladesh, the Muslims demand the introduction of the Islamic Law which is totally impracticable in modern age. The result is social unrest, slowly leading to anarchy.

The truth is that owing to their unsocial and divisive tendencies, the Muslims all over the world, have lost the ability to live peacefully, not only with the non-Muslims, but also among themselves as a result of the sectarian hatred. The Sunni- Shia divide testifies to this fact.

India was once a peaceful, prosperous and powerful country, but with the arrival of Islam it has sinking lower and deeper everyday. As things are nationalism – a healthy nationalism as opposed to racism seems to be the only remedy which can save countries of the Indian subcontinent by resuscitating the feeling of brotherhood. Another essential step for the Hindus is to discard the most disgraceful grab of Ahimsa and return to their ancestral military values as dictated by the Vedas.

Mr. Oak had rendered a considerable service by reminding the country of the depression. Degradation and destruction that she has suffered at the hands of the Muslims rulers, who could have enjoyed a place of honour in the Indian history by associating themselves with India, its culture and traditions.



We learn with great regret and grief of the tragic death of one of 20th century's greatest authority on Reality about Islam, Dr. Anwar Shaikh, in Wales, Great Britain on November 25, 2006. He will be mourned by millions who read his books and articles over several decades.

Those privileged to know him personally or through his writings admired him for his originality and courage of conviction.

His death has taken away an intellectual giant from our midst. He stood for an era, for a century.

His greatest achievement was to DEMOLISH Islam with the sword of logic and reason. He exposed it as the cult of brutal conquerors and the destroyer of civilisations.

His legacy is all the books and articles that he wrote and published. He will live through his WORD.

Most recently we read his interview with Chandigarh Times. Please see:

http://www.hvk. org/articles/ 0805/82.html

Anwar Shaikh (Converted to Hinduism " called Aniruddha Gyan Shikha).

After his conversion to Hinduism, he wrote many books to expose Islam as religion. His death is mourned across the whole world, especially in Bharat.



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