Saturday, March 11, 2006


Recovering from Scandal

I made an error in today’s issue, “Scandal in The House.”
The page is corrected

Solomon was actually the 2nd child of David and Bathsheba, the
child resulting from the first pregnancy died as a result of
illness sent by God.

The line should have read, “That relationship resulted in
Solomon...” instead of “That pregnancy resulted in Solomon...”

David prayed, pleaded and fasted before God to save the child.
On the seventh day, the child died. David’s servants were
afraid to tell him the child was dead because they saw how
distraught he was during the illness.

When he perceived from the servant’s whisperings that the child
was dead, he washed himself, anointed himself with oil, and went
to Bathsheba. The servants were surprised that David recovered
so quickly.

They asked him why he was acting this way, they said while the
child was sick he fasted and prayed but now that the child was
dead he was up and eating.

All of us have erred, some seriously so, that’s what the issue,
“Scandal in The House” was about. Someone pays a price for our
error in one form or another. The sword of violence never left
David’s house. He and his family paid a big price for his error
but yet he went on to become one of if not the greatest king of
all Israel.

There are some errors in life that we will have to pay for.
There are some debts we will have to pay off. There are some
wounds that will take time to heal.

Set things straight, then get up, wash your face, anoint
yourself with oil, and continue on to greatness.

~A MountainWings Original~


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