Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Nehru Dynasty and the Hindu religion and society

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The article you have sent about the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty is not a new one; I have seen it before and did circulate it. Most of the facts therein must be quite true. But if you look at the Hindu mythology, it is all full of many bastards being born and becoming Gods and Goddesses in heaven and what not.

I don't think you can call Sonia Gandhi a waitress. Most of the students who study in west, supplement their limited income by doing this types of jobs. Moreover, there is no denying that she is the boss right now in India and she has brought back to life a party which was almost dead.

What did your Vajpayee do when he was the PM? Any time there was an attack by terrorists he just held on harder to his chair. Did you know that he drinks a bottle a day of whisky and eats all the kabab and everything everyday. So does it make a good Hindu? He is supposed to be a Brahmin.

These Hindus and all their parties, like VHP and BJP are full of corruption and opportunists; there is hardly any nationalist in the true sense of it like there are in Israel or even USA, like many who are fighting for the safety and honour of their country.

Vajpayee went to the Moslems before the election, and offered to pay eighty crore rupees to the Moslems to make Madrasas for getting their vote. And what did he get, a kick in his arse. That's what he deserves. When he spoke on the Radio or TV, he took it as if it was his father's property, he will say one word and then be silent for half a minute or more. What a great way to waste public's time and money.

Still he is a much better person than many other Hindus, at least he has a good image. What is happening in our temples with thousands of crores of rupees they have: they are full of corruption and misuse and abuse and no one does anything about it. Christians used their money for opening hospitals, schools etc. all over the world. What have Hindus done? All the chadawa and money goes to pandit's and pandas big stomach and no one says a word about it or to correct or improve the situation or make our holy places cleaner and presentable.

Sonia Gandhi has got the vote and she has the power and she is still trying to play a fair game and I am sure she will do something good for India in the long run.

Also do not forget that the Hindus, banias and most of us treated our subordinates or weaker section of the society very very badly, worse than an animal. It is the British who brought some respect for the weak in India, like weekly holiday, limited hours of work, medical and what not. Otherwise if the bania had a servant and if he became sick he totally ignored the latter rather than looking after him and getting a vaidya for his sickness.

So, do not live in your pompous greatness. Learn something and try to make changes in the Hindu society for the better. And it is not important that who was your father or mother or if one was a bastard, what matters is that what you did for people, your religion, your caste, your society and above all for mankind in general.

Whatever Nehru did, one thing was certain that he preferred to spend his life in jail for getting Indian freedom rather than getting a babu job where he could live in comfort. And in those days and years of freedom struggle no one knew if he will become the Prime Minister of India.

I also believe that nature is a grand task master and it punishes everyone for their misdeeds and also rewards you if you did something good. I will tell you another story in the next instalment that why Jail Singh became the preisdent of India even though he was not much educated in English etc., at least according to my own arithmetics of Hindu philosophy and beliefs of karma, etc.

Best wishes and keep your drive up,

Yours truly,


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