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Of all the famous ‘Indologists’ – Max Mueller’s name most evokes reverence amongst the secular governments of modern India. Elected officials and the English educated elite extol his service to India and Hinduism. There are no fewer than seven Max Mueller Bhavans in India named after him. In New Delhi, the Max Mueller Bhavan is a distinctive landmark in one of the most prestigious locations of that great city.
But Max Mueller was a paid employee of the British government! In 1847, he was especially employed to translate the Vedas in a demeaning way so that Hindus may loose faith in their own scriptures.

Max Mueller
This is the sad history of modern India – a nation who lost her own past and embraced those who deprived them of it – a nation that since then has bestowed virtue on those who saw none in her people, their religion and culture.

The tragedy of this enormous deception is brought out in stunning detail in the book, “The True History and the Religion of India”, by H.D. Swami Prakashanand Saraswati. It chronicles how the British schemed to denigrate and re-write Indian history and misinterpret Hinduism. The book cites the historical records of the writings of the British officials which reveal their true intent behind spreading the misinformation.
In a letter to Chevalier Bunsen, Max Mueller writes, “India is much riper for Christianity than Rome or Greece were at the time of St. Paul” and “I should like to live for ten years quietly, learn the language, try to make friends, and then see whether I was fit to take part in a work, by means of which the old mischief of Indian priestcraft can be overthrown and the way opened for the entrance of simple Christian teaching.”
Max Mueller fulfills his contract to the British when he writes, “No one would have supposed that at so early a period, and in so primitive a state of society, there could have risen a literature (the Vedas) which for pedantry and downright absurdity can hardly be matched anywhere… These works (the Vedas) deserve to be studied as the physician studies the twaddles of idiots, and the ravings of madmen.”
Shocking statements such as these are liberally dispersed in the writings of this ‘great friend’ of India! Max Mueller is only one of a galaxy of ‘great friends’ who under British sponsorship re-wrote Indian history. Sadly, this re-written history has today become the standard textbook in prestigious schools and universities around the world.
So well has the British scheme worked that to this day its legacy is embraced by modern India and our great Indian writers.

"The True History and the Religion of India" is a benchmark work which re-establishes the traditional Hindu perspective and restores India’s authentic history.


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