Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Giani Jail Singh - former President of India

Shri Jail Singh became the President of India even though his knowledge of the English language was very limited. Read the following story:

As a young man, living in a village in Punjab, he became a swantrata senani. One day one of his colleagues who was also a swatantra senani got shot and was badly injured with a bullet wound while they were trying to learn how to shoot etc. The nearest hospital from the village was 20 miles. So at the day fall, they loaded the injured man in a bullock cart driven by two bullocks and proceeded for the hospital.

En route, when they had not gone too far, one of the bullocks died. Now the bullock
cart could only move if there was a second bullock. Therefore, Gianiji acted as the secnd bullock and finally reached the hospital.

Of course, there was no reception committee waiting for them to offer even a cup of tea to the party at the hospital.

In my calculations based on the Hindu philosophy and other natural phenomenon, Jail Singh became the President of India as a reward from Nature for the good deed he had done in the service of the nation, among other things.

Jai Hind.


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