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Drink This Juice. You May Never Get Sick
Thirsty? Grab a glass of cranberry juice. A team of researchers from St. Francis College in Brooklyn and Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in have found that cranberry juice not only helps disrupt bacterial infections of the urinary tract, but also may work to fight gastrointestinal viruses, characterized by cramps and diarrhea. Hundreds of thousands of children die from gastroenteritis each year throughout the world.

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Reuters reports that based on tests on animal viruses in lab dishes, the cranberry juice appears to prevent viruses from infecting cells. "Within the last five years, an increasingly large number of studies have suggested cranberry juice to be an effective commercial product for the reduction of urinary tract infections in women," Patrice Cohen of St. Francis, who worked on the study, said in a news release announcing the findings. Do note that no studies have positively determined that cranberry juice prevents any kind of infection, be it viral or bacterial, but research is underway in several venues to test this possibility.

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In this study, the researchers treated intestinal monkey rotavirus SA-11 and a batch of goat viruses called reoviruses with a commercially available cranberry juice drink. When the cells that were treated with the cranberry juice were viewed under an electron microscope, there were no viral particles in them. "Our studies suggest a cranberry juice-induced antiviral effect upon selected intestinal animal viral disease-producing agents," Cohen said. "Additional studies in the form of human trials need to be performed to determine any beneficial effects of cranberry juice consumption as a means to help reduce the incidence of viral intestinal disease."

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The study, which was partly funded by the Cranberry Institute and the Wisconsin Cranberry Board, was presented to a meeting of the American Society for Microbiology in Atlanta.

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