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Mohan Gupta Sun, Jan 30, 2011 at 12:34 PM

LET'S LOOK AT THE END GOAL of the autocratic, all powerful almighty, anti-Hindu, all corrupt & all plundering perpetual Dynasty.

It is: "Total DESTRUCTION of Hindus, Hinduism, our historic and religious heritage, including literature, while spreading confusion, dividing communities, pitching one indigenous (native) community against another, plundering and looting with both hands ALL THE TIME."

For any wide-awake people even one day is enough to discover the NATURE of their rulers. It must be a very ignorant, intimidated, gutless and servile nation that even SIX DECADES are not enough to tell us as to WHO IS ON TOP.

It is the HINDUS, the end victims of our enemies' DEADLY STRATEGY, who are foremost in trusting the Muslims and serving the Christians.

Normal people keep EVERYTHING in their own hands to feel strong, secure and comfortable but the Hindus feel strong, comfortable and secure if a NON Hindu is Rashtrapati, Rashtrapatni or Rashtramata. Insecure timid Hindus will feel SAFE if a committed Catholic Sonia is on top but not a committed Hindu.

Now we can clearly see the STRATEGY of this "DICTATOR" DYNASTY unfolding before our eyes.

It must have been decided upon even BEFORE Partition. That is why PARTITION was effortless, quick and smooth for Nehru and Jinnah though the Hindus were plunged into BLOOD BATH and lost one third of SACRED "dharti" with Gandhi's cherished slogan "AKHAND BHARAT" blown up.

The second occasion was the invasion of KASHMIR. Nehru's defence was only for show. We saw through his mind when he stopped his army from advancing to recover the full State. The Indian Army is still STUCK there where Nehru intended them to "freeze" and die.

The third instance was the WAR over East Pakistan when eight million refugees, mostly Muslim, came crying to their "mother" Indira. She used the war to liberate them, but enslave and degrade the Hindus, betray Secularism (Akhand Bharat), and to enhance her own position to win the next elections that she did easily, riding the wave of victory. But the servile and ignorant people did not question, "Why has she returned the CAPTURED territory so quickly and willingly?"

How could sleeping Hindus ask this question if they had not asked the TWO before, e.g., 1. Why we surrendered LAHORE?, and 2. Why we begged UNO for cease fire when our own troops were ADVANCING?"

Having won the trust of the Hindus and having established herself as the "IRON LADY", Indira "Gandhi" took on the SIKHS, the traditional defenders of Hindusthan and living in the border State.

To a Muslim nothing is more annoying, irritating and irksome than an obstacle in his way of advance and conquest. Hence Nehru managed to completely ruin the Sikh community by giving their homeland (Lahore, Nankana Sahib, Gujranwala, Rawalpindi and Multan) to Mohammed of Mecca, and now Indira got her own chance to complete the job.

The DYNASTY knows that after the Sikhs are dead the Hindus will be a walk-over. Hence the invasion of East Punjab in 1984. Strict censorship and intimidation of Sikh leaders and media has not told the complete story of Sikh disaster in 1984.

We all know that none of the perpetrators of 1984 genocide in Delhi and elsewhere has been convicted and hanged.

Having given a severe blow to the Sikhs the next target were the TAMILS who were not only staunch Hindus but also demanding a little freedom from Dynasty's strangulating hold over Hindusthan. They resented the State control of their temples and misappropriation of temple funds (that is still going on unhindered and unchecked).

Rajviv was the CONTINUATION of Nehru's and Indira's policy and sent the Indian army to KILL the Tamils of INDIAN origin instead of giving them protection. But there was NO protection to them from Delhi just as there was NO protection to the Kashmiri Hindus in 1989. They were NOT given arms to defend themselves or given any protection. Instead Article 370 of Constitution was enforced. It was meant to feed and protect them, susidise their food, water, electricity and housing, while ensuring Muslim majority in the State.

What can we say of the sleeping Hindu nation who have not looked at all this, and a lot more (e.g., foreign wives, Bofors commission) besides, and cried,


The scams, the astronomical foreign deposits and the despicable lickspittle Presidents and cabinet ministers and governors, are all leading to rapid weakening of the Hindu nation and its DISINTEGRATION.

In this context the only hope for an unarmed nation, being fed on the diet of Gandhi's "AHIMSA" and the defeatist doctrines of "TYAAG" (RENOUNCE!) and "MAYA" (world is an illusion), is the army. But the less said about the GUTS, PATRIOTISM and VISION of this army, the better.


'Ohh My Sonia! God...My Hands Smell with 2G Scam SHIT'

Distribution of Responsibility and faults

Nehruvian Congress and BJP

From: shirish dave

Rule by Nehruvian Congress Points

Year 19XX

52 Absolute Majority 200

57 Continuity and Absolute Majority 400

62 Continuity and Absolute Majority 600

67 Majority and continuity 490

70 Continuity and Absolute Majority 800

77 Defeat 000

80 Absolute Majority with a small break 400

85 Continuity and Absolute Majority 800

91 Continuity and Majority 200

96 Alliance 075

99 Defeat 000

2004 Alliance 075

2009 Alliance and continuity 100

Total ………… 4040

Rule by BJP Points


77 BJP a party in alliance 025

99 Alliance 075

Total … 100

Distribution of fault to Nehruvians 4040/(4140) = 98%

Distribution of fault to BJP 100/4140 = 2 %

i.e. Nehruvian Congress is 49 times more guilty than BJP.

Absolute power of Nehruvian (1975 to 1977) has been though has been omitted which supposed should be 1600 points (double than continuous absolute majority), the Absolute majority and continuance in power has been given a weight.

Hence the people those who are elite should take due care with sense of proportion as to how much fault lies with Nehruvian Congress who repeatedly comes to power and BJP that come to power with an alliance.

shirish dave

Dynasty politics is about protecting ill-gotten wealth

DNA / R Vaidyanathan / Thursday, January 20, 2011 2:22 IST

The recent finding by Patrick French (India: A Portrait) is that more than two-thirds of the under-40 members of the Lok Sabha are hereditary and many of them are hyper-hereditary, based on their dynasty. Actually many of us forget that since 1885, members of the Motilal Nehru family have presided over the Congress party for 39 of its 125 years. Motilal Nehru was president for two years, Jawaharlal Nehru for nine, Indira Gandhi for eight, and Rajiv Gandhi for seven. Sonia Gandhi holds the record both within the dynasty and the party by having the longest, unbroken tenure of 13 years and is still going strong. The party has become a family enterprise and a non-family man like Narasimha Rao is not even recognised as a former prime minster. Following this tradition, we have Agatha Sangma from Megahalya to Omar Abdullah in Jammu and Kashmir to MK Alagiri in Tamil Nadu, inheriting the political throne.

The important point here is not about the national agenda of these political parties but their functioning and control. Whether it is DMK or the Shiv Sena, where the family battles have come out in open, or the NCP, where the heir apparent has been anointed — the issue is the family business called political parties. It is important to mention that Tamil Nadu is a pioneer of this model wherein the interests of the state, party, government, and people are subsumed for the welfare of the family enterprise. Like in all businesses, it is required to delineate the nature of the business model adopted by these family enterprises. In any business, particularly listed business, the shareholders’ wealth maximisation is the main objective. Unfortunately, these regional parties are not listed on the stock exchanges and hence the correct market valuation may not be available. But the total wealth declared by these leaders (including that of their multiple wives!) during election time in the form of affidavits can be a guide for the net worth of the enterprise.

The preliminary expenses here are related to rabble-rousing on caste or language or pro-poor issues. Another method is to promise largesse in the form of free electricity, free TV, free cinema, free rice, to be paid for by the state exchequer. In this model, the actual business entity need not worry about expenses since post-power, there will be a continuous revenue stream. The family business has to be conducted through various functional departments called commerce, agriculture, irrigation, roadways, education, power, and so on. Some are low-volume, high-margin centres like land allotment or C'Wealth Gamea or second generation mobile telephony spectrum, where one project can earn up to thousands of crores. Other business units, like elementary education, which is a large-scale transfer industry, are low-margin but high-volume business.

Every teacher transferred may provide only thousands of rupees, but the numbers are large. The family also needs to take care of the interests of other families (sub-regional or other caste parties), hence the creation of strategic business units. In this model, the expenses are borne by the government but revenues are enjoyed by the family. It is a win-win model that does not have any comparable international example. The time-frame for maximising the family wealth is specified after one election and that differentiates it from the other regular business models. Due to the short time span, the family can and does become rapacious and they need continuous extraction of higher bribes to meet their collective greed. The turnover and attrition among supporters is also high, since their aspirations also grow. Hence, the need to create powerful entry barriers as well as exit costs.

But if you or your children opt out of politics, then you cannot be a “dacoit capitalist” anymore since your ability to formulate policies is gone and there could even be vendetta by the current rulers. So make sure your son/daughter/wives/sambandhis (children’s in-laws) are in some business unit or the other. Will this business model meet its nemesis? Not for some years yet. One reason it will flourish is the increasing importance of land as a factor of production. In the 60s, capital was scare and land was easily allotted. Now capital is available, even from global sources, but land is scarce and that is the strength of these families. Control of land and its allotment is the primary sonrise (pun intended!) industry. To that extent, the family business will flourish. With further fragmentation, many family enterprises will be either in a merger and acquisition mode or in a small business-smaller reach mode. In such situation, some can go sick. Second, due to the greed of some of these families, the margins demanded from projects may exceed the cost of the project.

The future of India is ironically linked with these 40-50 families with their capacity for rabble-rousing along and their rapaciousness and greed. Let us celebrate our grass-root democracy that enhances such “family values”.

URL of the article:

__ Global Financial Integrity: $104 billion Indian black money in foreign banks during 2000-2008

Global Financial Integrity reports $104 billion black money has been taken out of India between 2000 and 2008. Last years, CWG, 2G, etc don't figure in it. Estimates are $2000 billion of Indian black money has taken outside the country.
The question is, "who is richest in the world?" Choose among Raul Khan (Rahul Gandhi), Antonio Maino (Sonia Gandhi), Bill Gates, and two Ambanis together. Fool Indians keep on voting for subjugation by foreigners. Few days ago, they unfurled Pakistan's flag at Shri Nagar's Lal Chowk, but this goverment won't allow Indian flag to be unfurled there on the Republic Day. Sonia is openly destroying Hinduism and Bharatiya culture, but Indian slaves keep on touching her feet.

R. Singh
$104 billion black money taken out of country
Abhijit Patnaik, Hindustan Times
Washington, January 18, 2011


Entire world under the control of one Bank? Read on.....

go to and read this link


sri venkat

Humour: PM takes oath

I, [Dr.Manmohan singh], do swear in the name of Sonia Gandhi (or solemnly affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of Congress President Sonia Gandhi , and will to the best of my ability preserve, protect and defend Sonia Gandhi Constitution and her law, and that I will devote myself to the service and well-being of Sonia Gandhi and her family.
And I request that other Members of Parlianemt should take similar oath..... then the list goes on Chidambaram,Kapil sibal,Antony,Jairam ramesh,kalmadi,deshmukh etc.,
Next comes Mr.Karunanidhi......
I, [Dr.M.Karunanishi, do swear in the name of my family (or solemnly affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of DMK, and will to the best of my ability preserve, protect and defend My family Constitution and my family and
that I will devote myself to the service and well-being of my family......Stalin,Azhagiri,Kanimozhi,Maran etc.,

All the ministers and members of congress party are foot lickers of Christian foreign lady and they are enjoying in foot licking. These congress members are looting Bhaarat and also let the foreign Christian lady and even the entire family and friends of this foreign lady. Not only that these congress members by looting Hindus provide lots of subsidies to Christians and Muslims. Not only that these congress members want to keep Bhaarat slave of foreign people and foreign companies may be from states, China or Pakistan._




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