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FW: "Maya Jaal" in Vedas:

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Subject: "Maya Jaal" in Vedas:
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Dear All:

While going through this forward, we find 96% similarity between teachings of Islam & Vedas: Its a good undertaking Premji. Let common people understand & try to put into practice, the truth . Surely conflicts in the society shall diminish.


Through the vehement effect of Cosmic Delusion MAYA we are chained to Destiny.
......Why did Max Muller choose to speak in Sanskrit? Addressing the
audience he said, "Vedas are the oldest text of the human
race. And Agni Meele Purohitam is the first verse of Rig Veda. In
the most primordial time when the people of Europe were jumping
like Chimpanzees, from tree to tree and branch to branch, when they
did not know how to cover their bodies, but with fig leaves, did
not know agriculture and lived by hunting and lived in caves, at
that remote past, Indians had attained high civilization and they gave
to the world universal philosophies in the form of the Vedas.* (Edison recorded the voice of Max Muller in the first HMV gramophone record.)

Vedic metaphysics is the perennial philosophy that is at the core of all religions - a precious gift for which the West is ever indebted to the East. (Francois Voltaire).
Become part of divine Bureaucracy of the Supreme Reality Brahman and save the Grand wondrous Design of Viswakarma –the only Supreme Reality- Wise men describe THEE with various names.
Dear Seekers of Vedic knowledge,
Subject: MAYA (Cosmic Delusion)
For appreciating the divine concept of Vedic Maya, a few references are given below.
Rig Veda 1-131-1 and 6-47-18 describe the universe as His Creative Art (mayabhi) and for every form He is the Model. All the riches, matter, clouds, Sun and other objects belong to Him. Svetasvatra Upanishad (4 -9 and10) describes Brahma as the Illusion Maker and Prakrti as Maya. Being Shakti energy (cosmic power) of God, Maya hinders the truth to the human senses, which tend to even misrepresent the reality.
According to Mundakya Upanishad 3-2-9, after the illusory effect of Maya vanishes, you become Brahma. "so ye ha vaitatparaman Brahma Veda, Brahmaiva Bhavati" (when you start knowing Brahma, you become Brahma.
The human form of Indra Deva is an illusion R.V 6-47-18 says, "Indra Mayabhi"- the illusory Indra. According to Sama Veda 1710, HE shines as supreme Lord in all the worlds as part of his cosmic Lila (Play) described as Maya. He is the first cause of all these worlds visible to senses and beyond.
The effect of Maya in our sense perception of truth is given in Yajur Veda 40-15 to 17 where it says," the face of truth is covered by golden lid." Unless the golden lid of Maya, which forms its veil, is removed, one cannot find the truth of Reality. Maya creates this golden disc and hides the God. It is for this very reason same truth is described and understood differently by different people.
Rig- Veda 7-33-3 also attributes Maya in Prakrti. Bhagavad-Gita has some verses relating to Maya, particularly (7- 4, 5, 13, 14, 25, 27), (4- 9, 10), (3- 27, 39, 40).
Soul (Atma)- the omniscient principle is provided to human beings so that they could get out of the vehement effect of MAYA and their past and present good or bad karma(actions) due to the predominance of their gunas (sattavic,rajasic and tamasic). Those who do not allow the unmoved mover soul to administer their gross bodies, do not follow Rta (cosmic laws) and do not serve the purpose of their human birth, are born again and again as the vehement effect of Maya continues.
It is thus apparent that “Maya” creates attachment to children, matter, money, gold etc. Vedic metaphysics clearly mentions that all material things belong to God and these are given to us for minimum use as need based and not greed based. It is Maya that is the cause of insatiable desire and thus deludes the human beings (B.G.3-39, 40). Thus due to its cosmic illusion we are chained to Destiny.
The knowledge of the doctrine of Maya can save this beautiful divine globe and world of senses.
For bringing the Golden Age or the "Kingdom of Heaven" nearer to the earth, the knowledge of Maya would greatly help. The firm belief in its vehement effect can reverse the present trends based on abject materialism.
Those individuals who understand the effect of Maya all these modern gods, gurus, cults disappear and firm belief in One God and One life becomes dominant. They all find we are part of the same life of formless God who is our supreme Father. We live in Him as cells of His life, which take birth, grow and die and are reborn. It is more like our gross body that has trillions of living cells that are always there but live only for a few hours to a few days and are reborn.
Vedas thus advise that the highest and ideal living is by avoiding illusory smartness i.e. false ego, snobbishness, artificial life of glamour and ostentation. The blind pursuit of money, matter and prestige, power and status are not the requirements of your real extended self (Jivatma) but illusory requirements of your senses that run after even tiny matter.
Our intellectual arguments, empirical knowledge and sense experience have created a strange world of contrasts and confusion, one God to multiplicity of gods, extreme idealism to dreaded materialism. Today we find people have hardly any common views on any subject and this has become cause of conflict between nations, societies, families and even friends.
Vedic Metaphysics tell us it is due to the mystic power (shakti) of the divine Nature described in Vedas as MAYA, it acts as a huge Cosmic Saw. Multiplicity, lust, greed, pride, hatred, jealousy, egoism and self-interest are its sharp teeth. Below and between its teeth are love, cooperation, humility, purity and truth. Those in pursuit of money, matter in any of its form and other mundane activities are very often caught in the teeth of Saw. They first start losing the divine instruments like buddhi (intellect) of their inner world and finally the instruments of their outer world like sense organs and finally their gross bodies as well.
According to Bhagavad-Gita God being merciful and benevolent gives long rope to individuals to develop the divine qualities hidden in them and known to their immortal soul. Otherwise, the individuals being their own greatest enemies grow in wickedness and sink deeper into sin and finally get shameful punishment.
Those individuals who start developing divine qualities known to their immortal extended "self” with selfless service to weaker members of society and resist from aimless pursuit of money and matter, smoothly pass through or below the cosmic Saw of Maya. Such persons tend to merge with Brahma -the formless and ineffable God through right knowledge contained in Vedas. Those who acquire this knowledge and put into practice get beyond the effect of the Saw of Maya.
Since Brahma is beyond this veil of cosmic illusion, the true seekers of Him tear off this veil with para jnan (higher knowledge) and also get beyond the illusory effect of Maya. These individuals come to know that nothing is produced out of nothing. So, God being eternal is Himself the universe and universe is God." A sateh saj jayete kutos" i.e. How can entity be produced out of non-entity?
Maya is a practical philosophy of ending human sufferings. In any society when Knowledge of Maya starts disappearing diversity in thoughts actions increases. Human mind becomes devils workshop, even rudderless, and can lead to spread of atheism, materialism, anti social elements increase. All actions to make world free from pollution and Unity in Diversity become an act of hypocrisy to collect more funds.
HUMAN Nature of believers in Maya is Positive- love, harmony, cooperation … (Plato, Sankracharya etc) and non believers is negative i.e. man is ungrateful, deceitful, cowardly, avaricious and fickle (Hobbes, Machiavelli). Knowledge of Maya leads to Kingdom of Heaven near the earth, Universal brother hood, global family, Ramarajya, One God etc

For more details in regard to Vedic Maya, kindly read chapter 6 (six) of Glimpses of Vedic Metaphysics for on line reading and even taking print at no cost. Website is The book is also accessible through Search Engines of, and Please render divine and noble service and forward it other seekers of Vedic knowledge known to you.

With regards,
Prem Sabhlok


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