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Are you the same Vasuvaj mahodaya of Sanskrita Bharati who came to teach Conversational sanskrit in my Sanskrit class at Hollywood Vedanta Society several years ago? BhavAn idAnIm kutra nivasati? These 'gems' 'from Gandhiji quoted by Dr. Brahmachari are presumably based on Biography authored by Dhananjay Keer with the title: Gandhi, the Political Saint...', and published around 1971, long before Jehadi terrorism became a monstrous menace in Hindusthan. I would also like to know whatever you find out about gandhi's 'REAL' motivations behind such extreme and irrational appeasement of Muslims despite their well-documented history of carnage and genocide of Hindus over the last 1400 years. Do let me know so i can also inform my many well-intentioned but ill-informed Indian friends here about the real Himalayan blunders of Gandhi. This should become an inevitable part of collaborative effort to reexamine the truths about Bharat's history-- both Ancient and Modern.

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Dear Dr. Brahmachari,

A friend of mine forwarded me these wonderful quotes of our "Mahatma"
If you know the source of these 'pearls' [the book or speech made on what day , year and where] , it will be authentic and good.

If an you have more such quotes [with the source] of 'Mahatma' , kindly send it to me.

I would like to send these `pearls´ to my `fanatic´ Gandhian friends on January 30- the day the modern day `asura´ was sent to hell

Gandhi wrote the following in 'Young India' on 29 September : 'We have forgotten the divine out of dying for our faiths without retaliation. .. Be the Moplahs be ever so bad, they deserve to be treated as human beings

"If the Muslims kill all of us, then we should embrace death with a smile to create a new Hindustan."

------------ ---

-Islam is a noble faith.-

-As a Congressman and a Hindu, I say that I wish to give Muslims
what they want. I would like the Muslims to put down whatever they want on a blank sheet of paper and I shall agree to it.-

-To resist Muslim atrocities by Hindus using violence and intimation is tantamount to fratricide. Even if Hindus had died to a man, it would have been deliverance of Hinduism and Islam would have been purified in this land. As it was, a third party had to intervene. Neither the Hindus nor the Muslims have gained by this intervention. If India has to be an independent nation, one or both must cease to seek British protection. My advice is
satyagraha first and satyagraha last !-

-Now you will perhaps understand why I have called Abdul Rashid ( who wasindicted for killing Swami Shraddhanand) a brother and I repeat it. I do not even regard him guilty of Swami's murder. Guilty indeed are those who excited feelings of hatred against one another.

-The brave and God fearing Moplahs ( Muslims of Malabar who massacred more than 2500 Hindus in 1921) are fighting for the religion as understood by them by a method they feel that their religion enjoins them to adopt ..-

-For the proper conduct of the experiment of non-violence, it does not behoove that both parties believe in non-violence. If both believe so, the success of non violence will not be proved.-

-Such a service ( fighting for the British) would furnish the Indians an opportunity to prove their mettle and disprove the allegations frequently made by the Europeans that they were mostly cowards.-

-If the choice is between cowardice and violence, I would advice
violence. I am an opponent of violence even if it is for the noblest of causes.-


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