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:Shree Hari:

18th April, 2008, Friday
Chaitra Shukla Trayodashi, Vikram Samvat 2064, Shukravar

Question: "Everything is God", what is the method of realizing this fact ? How is it accomplished ? (response continued from April 17th)

Answer: Bhagavata has addressed the method of realizing "All is God" (Srimadbha 11:29:16)

Whatever be the race, stage, sect, caste or religion of a person, he/she is God only (manifestion of only God). In this there are four points -

1) God is within all beings
2) All beings are in God
3) All beings belong to God
4) All beings are God and God alone.

Of these four, whatever appears to be easy for you, simply accept it. He belongs to God, is the easiest of the four. Therefore believe that they belong to God, they are dear to God, hence prostrate to them. God tells us the result of performing this deed.

"When the devotee holds that all beings are God's manifestation i.e. when he beholds Me in them, then very quickly he becomes totally free from evils such as jealousy, fault-finding, carping spirit, hatred and other defects including egoism."

Therefore a spiritual aspirant should have the feeling of presence of God in all being. If for some reason he is unable to have this feeling, then he should make a mental apology for this omission. There is no need to tell or openly express to others. Rather with the body, mind and speech regarding the world as the cosmic form of God. Therefore only with the body, mind and speech that belongs to God, we have to serve only God. Then "All is God" will be reaslized since it is not a new creation, rather it has existed from time immemorable. For this there is no need of extensive studies, no need of wealth, no need of strength, no need of austerities etc. Every brother and sister can perform this.

Saints have said -
"Haath Kaam, Mukh Ram hai; hrdey saachi preet
Dariya grhasti saadh ki, yahin uttam reet."

While working with hands, chant God's name repeatedly and pray to God, "O Lord ! Let me never forget you." Do not regard anyone as evil. If by mistake we consider a person as bad, then we should consider that our vow has been broken. Therefore we should request him to excuse us or tender mental apology. Then we should pray to God, "O my Lord ! I must not forget - All is God. Let it be realized by Your grace. This is realized only by His grace, not by our intellect and effort. By putting effort, a sense of doership arises which is an obstacle in its realization. Of the exalted souls who have attained salvation or Self Realization or Love of God, all have attained the same only by His grace and not by their own effort. Therefore a spiritual aspirant, instead of depending on his effort, should depend on God's grace. He should make effort in proper use of body and senses, but when it comes to God, God cannot be realized by effort, but only by His grace.

From "Discover of Truth and Immortality" in English pg 190 by Swami Ramsukhdasji
Ram Ram


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